Spring-cleaning for your beauty routine

Spring-cleaning for your beauty routine
Spring-cleaning for your beauty routine

Spring fever is likely starting to tighten its grip on your poor S.A.D.-ravaged heart. And while winter is still raging for most of us, let’s take to heart that old adage “in like a lion, out like a lamb” and start plotting out some pre-game seasonal beauty changes that’ll help prepare you for your springtime debut.

You’ve spent the last few months fighting winter weary skin, so you’ve had plenty of practice with hydration and exfoliation. But shouldn’t spring’s beautiful blooming buds act as inspiration for taking your skincare routine a step further?

Start with an antioxidant rich serum during the day and a repair treatment at night. Some of the most popular products now contain the latest anti-aging superstar, stem cells — either plant or human stem-cell by-products — which are increasingly being shown to reduce wrinkles and, according to a recent article in Shape magazine, “encourage skin to function as it did when you were younger” #fountainofyouth. There are even some clinical studies showing that plant stem-cell technology in skin cream reduces wrinkle depth when applied twice daily for two weeks. Sounds like magic to me, so I’d take those claims with a grain of salt.

If you’re anything like me, winter is a perfect foil for your typically meticulous beauty maintenance, and the two biggies that most often fall to the wayside are lady-scaping and daily application of sunscreen.

Nothing sends your razor on a winter sabbatical faster than snowy shut-in days and months of bundling up in sweaters and long pants. But let’s face it, summer is on its way and that leg-hair forest you’ve been nurturing simply will not do.

Spring is the perfect time to get thee back to your former smooth, hairless state, and laser-hair removal is a terrific way to do it. A little zip and zap, with treatments spaced out every three to six weeks will attack each little hair in its active growth stage. Starting now will ensure that by bikini season you’ll be silky smooth and hair free.

For the latter, however, there’s really no excuse. Regardless of cloud cover or freezing temps, the sun’s rays are still assaulting your delicate dermis on a daily basis. If you’ve neglected your daily application of broad-spectrum SPF 30+, stop it. Now. Summer is just around the corner, and that’s when UVB rays are at their strongest. Getting back into the habit of daily sunscreen application now is the number one way to protect you from burning and from most types of skin cancer in the future.

So there you have it — spring cleaning for your beauty routine. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed for the arrival of that lamb.

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