Seeing spots: Fuzzy vision or aging skin?

Seeing spots: Fuzzy vision or aging skin?
Seeing spots: Fuzzy vision, aging skin

By Zipporah Sandler

If you’re like me, and you’ve taken your glasses off to clean them and STILL see spots on your face and hands, there’s no denying it…you’ve got:
· Age Spots
· Sun Spots
· Liver Spots

Now I like polka dots, but whether they’re brown, gray, or black, there’s NOTHING fashionable about THESE spots. Mine were so bad that when I was visiting Dr. Jason Pozner at the Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca Raton to interview him about using the Pellevé treatments to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles he asked me if my “spots” were bothering me. It wasn’t just me who noticed.

If I had a time machine I’d have gone back to my youth, ditched the reflector and slathered on sunblock rather than that baby oil that was so popular in my day. Since I’m not Marty McFly, I can only start today, and protect my skin from the elements.

How can we deal with the spots that have already appeared?
1. Fade creams – if you’re going the over the counter or cosmeceutical route, look for ingredients such as hydroquionone, deoxyarbutin, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, or kojic acid.

2. Foundation/Concealer – what would I do without my bag full of makeup? When all else fails, cover them up!

3. IPL PhotoFacials – “Intense Pulsed Light” is the easiest way to rid your skin of those pesky spots. On average it takes about 3 - 5 rounds of treatments (a treatment every four to six weeks). I had this done by my plastic surgeon, and there was no pain involved, just a bit of discomfort as the laser zapped my spots. I got used to the feeling very quickly. My doctor warned me to keep from sun exposure after the procedure and suggested not only sunblock, but also a big floppy hat!

4. Chemical Peel – Acids are used to essentially “peel away” the damaged layers of skin. Expect to be red for a few days, and DON’T go out in the sun unprotected after this procedure.

5. Cryotherapy – Using liquid nitrogen, your doctor can FREEZE the damaged skin. Each of the spots that are frozen will scab and eventually fall off. Figure that you’ll have a week of scabs on your face, but after it falls off…there’ll be nothing but clear skin.

Going forward
1. Don’t leave the house without sunblock.
2. Have your spots checked out yearly to be sure that they are JUST that – sun/age spots.
3. Visit an ASAPS plastic surgeon and ask which treatment is best for YOUR spots.