Revitalize your skincare routine in 5 days

Revitalize your skincare routine in 5 days

We’ve got your five day forecast, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. Instead, we’re going to focus on what five days of revising your skincare regimen can do to revitalize aging skin, and before you call in sick for the week, rest assured that this 5-day adventure is more about pairing down than amping up. Think one area of focus = one half hour a day. Totally manageable, right?

DAY 1: Let’s kick off this little experiment by flaking off the dead dry skin that’s accumulated on your body with a good scrub-a-dub-dub. Since moisturizers can’t always be counted on to penetrate rough, dead skin, a good sugar or salt body scrub that also contains essential oils is a great way to prepare your skin for hydration station (a.k.a. your daily slathering of moisturizer.) Sensitive skin can also benefit from a good scrub, but instead opt for chemical exfoliators that contain acids and enzymes to help dissolve the dead skin without irritation.

DAY 2: The delicate eye area is a tell-tale site for crow’s-feel, dark circles and crinkling, so let’s focus on your eyes and the fact that they’re probably crying out for eye cream. Applied at least 30 minutes before bed (giving it time to absorb), a good eye cream can help eradicate most major eye-area complaints. Puffiness can be addressed by using a product that contains caffeine to help shrink excess under-eye baggage, while products containing retinol can help boost collagen production and cell turnover, fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

DAY 3: Sloughing off your complexion's dead skin cells right before bed will help prep your skin for its nightly combat with fine lines and wrinkles. A gentle pre-zzz exfoliation is the prime time to prep your skin for its nightly repair and collagen production—the key word being “gentle.” Use a light hand and taking particular care over the delicate cheek and chin areas will help avoid irritation, as will using products with finely milled ingredients like sugar, rice, salt, and oats, which are gentle and tolerated by most skin types.

DAY 4: Masks are another great way to treat your skin to a healthy dose of hydrating, oil-busting, firming and/or soothing ingredients—depending on your skin’s temperament.
For ultimate hydration, try a moisturizing mask with ingredients like seed oils and other lipids that can act as a hydrator and a plumper. Oily skin can be combatted with a clay mask to help draw oil and dirt out of the skin. Masks that contain fruit enzymes and seaweed extracts in tandem with moisturizers are great for lifting and firming. And applying a yogurt mask that contains the good bacteria lactobacillus can help decrease inflammation.

DAY 5: While we’re on the topic of bacteria, let’s talk about all the bad bacteria that’s breeding inside your makeup case—separating foundation, crusty old lipsticks and concealer sticks, and dirty makeup brushes. Old makeup and dirty application tools can cause irritation, clogged pores and even damage your skin. Go through your old makeup and get rid of anything that smells off or seems separated, ditch mascara that no longer appears wet straight out of the tube, and make an effort to clean your brushes weekly with a good brush cleaner or even baby shampoo.

Voila! 5-days to a revitalized and renewed you!

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