Could Plant Stem Cells Be The Holy Grail of Skincare?

Could Plant Stem Cells Be The Holy Grail of Skincare?
Could Plant Stem Cells Be The Holy Grail of Skincare?

By Claudio Pinto

Imagine a world where your skin tissue regenerates – tightening and improving in elasticity even as you age. Sounds like science fiction, right?

Well, as the saying goes, the future is today. Skincare specialists can now incorporate plant stem cell-based products into everyday skincare routines. Plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in the meristems of vegetation and like human stem cells, they have the ability to self-renew.

The skin is layered with adult skin stem cells that remain dormant until they are activated by tissue injury or disease. That is why wounds tend to heal quickly, with skin cells working overtime, usually leaving you with clear skin and no sign of injury including scars. Aging, damage from UV rays, and pollution decrease skin stem cell production. Plant stem cells and peptides can impact epidermal growth factors – and human skin stem cells in particular-when applied on the topical level, activating skin stem cell production, regenerating tissue and protecting skin cells.

Cyto-luxe is one of the plant stem cell-based skincare product lines on the market today. They extract the protective substances the plant uses to defend itself against harsh climatic conditions. These cells are cultured in labs away from pollution and pesticides making it possible for scientists to harness the purer ingredients that are good quality.

Plant stem cells deliver high concentrations of lipids, proteins, amino-acids and phytoalexins which are easily absorbed into the outermost cells of the epidermis, allowing for almost immediate skin cell renewal, nutrient absorption, and an increase in the skin's level of filaggrin proteins. They also lift and tighten the skin by boosting collagen production and improving skin’s elasticity.

As you age, skin isn’t able to hold onto enough moisture. The plant stem cells in skincare products penetrate the dermis and epidermis to help retain more moisture. For a patient who is also receiving injectables like BOTOX or fillers, this is an ideal supplement to those treatments because it helps restore and replenish.

I’ve been using the plant stem cell-based products in my practice for three years now, and I’ve come to expect improvement among all of my patients who adhere to a skincare regimen that includes it.

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Disclosure: Claudio Pinto is a sales consultant for gloProfessional, the company that manufactures the Cyto-luxe line of skincare products. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Smart Beauty Guide do not necessarily endorse the specific products mentioned in this article, and the opinions expressed herein are exclusively those of Claudio Pinto.