Concealers unveiled: Last minute skin fixes

Concealers unveiled: Last minute skin fixes
Concealers unveiled: Last minute skin fixes

There’s a fine line [pun intended] between all of the concealers on the market. How does an everyday person navigate all of the options and get the right fit for their skin issues? The answer can be easy if you know a few tips to decipher the differences between the concealers you find in the drug store or big box beauty product shops. It comes down to consistency or viscosity of the product you’re using. No two concealers are created the same, but the consistency of a concealer can be the trick to covering your skin imperfections.

A few tips to applying concealer:
1. Apply concealer to your trouble spots AFTER application of foundation, BB cream or other facial makeup. I learned this from a pro. Concealers work better when they have something to adhere to. In other words, it doesn’t stay long if applied to “naked” skin. Once you’ve applied your concealer, set it with loose powder. This method gives you the best chances of having your concealer last longer.

2. Blending concealer to look like it isn’t there is best done with a dab of the finger, not a brush. Keep dabbing until the concealer is properly blended into your skin. Most importantly, if you are putting it on under your eyes, use a very light dabbing technique because that skin is delicate and needs a delicate touch. Your ring finger is the best for under eyes.

3. A concealer brush is the next best thing to your finger and can work wonders. Invest in a good one and it will be your friend for years to come. When using a concealer brush under your eyes be mindful of how delicate this skin is, and use your brushing motion with a lighter touch.

4. Conceal in layers. In other words, don’t cake it on at first. Put a little on dab, see if you need more, and add a little more dabbing again. Layering allows you to use the least amount possible without looking cakey.

Concealer types:
• Thick cake-like concealers – I’ll be honest these are the toughest to use as far as knowing when enough is enough, however these conceal the hardest to conceal. A great example of this is Benefit’s Erase Paste The name gives a pretty good idea that this is a thicker concealer. In this case, a little goes a LONG way. For this concealer, consider using a make up sponge or make up blender to blend it into your skin.

• Liquid concealer – a liquid concealer is what I would deem the quick coverage answer. Essence makes a 16-hour concealer that is not expensive but does the job in a pinch. I keep this in my purse at all times so if I’m running around and notice something I’d like to keep under wraps, I dab a little on and voila! I have coverage in a quick fix. Note: if you have oily skin, these do tend to last a shorter time. Liquid and oily skin are not friendly [in most cases] when it comes to staying power.

• Stick and crayon concealers – this is the in-between concealer and the best choice for all around daily use. I have tried many and find the consistency of the L’Oreal Blendable Crayon Concealer to moisturize and conceal. Think of this as a thicker version of your face makeup. It’s great because it can be easiest to work with and use on all of the facial imperfections you’d like to cover.

• Neutralizing colors – I’m sure you’ve seen the green concealer and thought, Why would I put green on my face? Believe it or not, it is great to conceal the redness associated with acne. Pink concealers are great at hiding those purple under-eye circles on fair skin. If you have olive/yellow-undertones, have no fear, a yellow concealer does wonders for your under-eye issues. Blue concealer is great for overdone tans or sunburns. Purple concealers are great for age spots. The Mehron Pro Color Ring Neutrolizer gives you all of the neutralizing colors in one palate. Use these colors under the concealer to make your concealer truly effective at giving you an even skin tone.

When you get to a point where every over-the-counter concealer you’ve tried just isn’t cutting it, there are more permanent options that will allow you to throw away most of your concealers and have younger looking skin.
• If you can still see the scarring or dark spots on your face despite all of the concealers in your arsenal, try dermabrasion. This will replace your current scar tissue with a new layer of skin that can eradicate or minimize the appearance of scars and uneven skin tones.

• For those of you who have uneven skin, not in color, but in evenness of the surface of your skin, a chemical peel will resurface your skin to a smoother layer. It creates a youthful appearance and evens out the marks or fine lines you are seeing.

• Looking to reduce the sun damage you can’t quite cover with over-the-counter concealers, look into laser skin resurfacing. This treatment is a bit less invasive in that there are lasers used to remove those upper layers of skin.

We all have imperfect skin. The key to looking flawless is knowing the right products to use and how to use them. When all else fails, your surgeon can offer expert advice on the best treatment options for your particular skin concerns.

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