From Acne to Wrinkles: How At-Home LED Therapy Improves Skin

From Acne to Wrinkles: How At-Home LED Therapy Improves Skin

IlluMask is an FDA-approved at-home laser treatment therapy for anti-aging and acne. Dr. Paul Lorenc, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York, explains it is a low level laser treatment that consists of two different masks.

“The anti-aging mask stimulates collagen, increases elastin content in your skin, evens out skin tones, and tightens pores rejuvenating your skin. This mask consists of a red LED light and infra-red LED,” explains Dr. Lorenc. “You wear it for 15 minutes every night and replace it every month.”

“The anti-acne mask has a different array of LED lights and consists of a blue and red light. The blue light is used to kill the bacteria that cause acne, which has been scientifically proven. During our clinical trials there was a 100% decrease in the inflammatory acne lesions in the thirty patients evaluated,” added Dr. Lorenc.

The IlluMask has brought LED therapy from the doctors’ office to the patients’ homes. Though, this mask can be used at home, doctors use it in their practices to increase the effect of what they do surgically.

“When we do laser resurfacing in the office, we immediately give the patients the anti-aging IlluMask for its anti-inflammatory properties so the patient can heal quicker and have less redness,” explains Dr. Lorenc. “After a facelift, the mask also helps to reduce the redness and the swelling and speeds up the healing process. “