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  • A Skincare Regimen for Women Over 30

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brett Snyder explains that women of all ages can benefit from advanced skincare products, and should consider adding them to their regimen as early as 30. 

  • Hair Removal Goes High Tech

    A cascade of luscious locks is a woman’s crowning glory, but hair anywhere south of the top of your head has certainly gotten a bum wrap. Leg hair, back hair, chin hair, hair down there — it doesn’t matter how many perfectly rational and functional reasons the science-set serves up in defense of body hair, the modern species simply does not care. We want our skin silky, smooth and bare, and by golly, we’ll go to high-tech lengths to get it. 

  • Could Plant Stem Cells Be The Holy Grail of Skincare?

    By Claudio Pinto 

    Imagine a world where your skin tissue regenerates – tightening and improving in elasticity even as you age. Sounds like science fiction, right? 

    Well, as the saying goes, the future is today. Skincare specialists can now incorporate plant stem cell-based products into everyday skincare routines. Plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in the meristems of vegetation and like human stem cells, they have the ability to self-renew. 

  • Glycation Station: Sugar Highs and Lows

    Today is the day you face the devastating truth that your best and most delicious friend is, in fact, your complexion’s biggest foe: Sugar. It’s frenemy No. 1. Cue the tears. 

    Sugar is more of a menace than your Pilates instructor would lead you to believe, not only wreaking havoc on your waistline, but also leading your complexion in a direct line to wrinkle, fine line and sagging-town. It’s all due to a little something called ‘glycation’. 

  • Your Skincare Game Plan to Maintain Hydrated Skin This Season

    As we age, it becomes more and more difficult for our skin to maintain moisture. Heated buildings, hot showers, frequent washing and winter chills can dehydrate skin ten-fold. So what’s a gal to do when her skin starts to look like an elephant’s trunk? Here are six day-to-day approaches to combating dehydration. 

    1. Drink Water. Staying hydrated makes you dewy from the inside. It keeps your skin supple, which translates into fewer wrinkles. Score!  

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