8 More Beauty Myths Debunked - Seriously, Who Knew?

8 More Beauty Myths Debunked - Seriously, Who Knew?
8 More Beauty Myths Debunked - Seriously, Who Knew?

My last post on beauty myths was such a hit, I thought I'd give you another chance to test your anti-aging acumen and set some records straight. For starters, it is true that if you become a vampire you will in fact stop aging, though you'll probably need to start getting spray tans … and the jury is still out on whether those fumes are harmful. Though I guess if you were technically undead some spray tan fumes wouldn't be an issue.

Now, that we've helped the vampire readers (and the stats say there are a ton), let's move onto the women like us, the ones that are aging yet still feel like we're a decade or two younger and we just need our bodies to follow suit. That said, here are prevalent beauty myths, do you know the answers?

1) You should throw your make up away after 6 months.
I hope that's not true, as I still have some lipsticks that I used in college. But that was only about 5 months ago, so I'm still good.

The Verdict: Nay
If there is no expiration date, then don't just trash everything ... go by this general rule:

· After 3-6 months - trash Liquid liners, mascara (if you push them longer, you'll smell when they've expired).
· After 1 year - say buhbye to foundation, concealer, sunblock, cream blush, cream eyeshadow.
· After 2 years - chuck powder makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, eye-pencils and powder blush (PS when I said I still have some from college, I meant middle when Chanel sets were a great gift… I'm still not trashing them).
· After 3 years - spill out moisturizer, lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

2) Expensive products are better.
Wouldn't the purveyors of such products like you to believe this?

The Verdict: Nay
Whether a product is good or not, comes down to formulation and ingredients not price. Also, many inexpensive brands use the same active ingredients (and possibly factories) as pricey products. Don't forget, some of your money is going to the name, the packaging, and the marketing. Obviously, if you like to rub diamond dust on your face or want a product made from endangered polar bears, you'll probably need to pay more. Products worth the extra dough may charge more if they come from rare ingredients or ones that are harder to process.

3) Toothpaste is great for zits.
I know people who swear by this like Windex in my Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The Verdict: Nay
Frankly, it may dry out the spot, and because of that you swear by it, but really, you could buy yourself a cheap OTC product with benzoyl peroxide that would do the same. Plus, it wouldn't contain the fluoride and other ingredients in the toothpaste that aren't really great for your face and could block pores. Who needs zit residue that's pearly white and minty fresh anyway?

4) Sleeping on your back will keep your face wrinkle free.
It's funny, my mom used to sleep on her face to keep her hair do from getting mussed. Well, when you got your weekly blow-out you weren't gonna chance it.

The Verdict: Yay and Nay
If you sleep on your face it may put a bit too much pressure on the areas that produce collagen and side sleepers may see a subtle diff (if they favor one side) but for the most part, this isn't something worth losing sleep over.

5) If the company says the product works because it's been proven in tests then it does, because they can't lie on the box.
Hee hee hee hee, sorry, that was me laughing. I know, I should change my laugh.

The Verdict: Nay
Many of the studies are skewed, funded by the companies themselves, or set up to substantiate claims. I like to go by recommendations of friends and doctors, plus it's helpful to look at outside studies that compare products or review them, they seem to have less of a vested interest.

6) Oily skin can be treated and controlled with the right moisturizer or better yet, no moisturizer at all.

The Verdict: Nay

People love to tell you how to fix oily skin, but the oil comes from your hormones not a reaction to your moisturizer. Plus, using a moisturizer with oil in it can actually be good for your skin. Think of moisturizer like a massage - everybody could use one.

7) There are no products on the market that can prevent wrinkles:

The Verdict: Nay
Obviously, sunblock should be part of your prevention, but the shining star is Retinoids, which are the only type of topical products proven to reduce lines and help prevent new wrinkles.

8) There are no topical products that actually get rid of cellulite.
OK, we already know that anyone can get this lovely orange peel. I'm constantly checking US weekly for skinny celebs that have it. Yes, I'm always oddly elated to see them rockin' divots.

The Verdict: Yay
BUT, while waiting for something that really works to hit the market, there are ways to make your cellulite less obvious like, moisturizing, using creams with caffeine to help tighten the skin, and using self-tanner to make the skin appear smoother.

Well, between the original beauty myths piece and this one, I feel we've really covered a lot of bases here (hello, we even considered vampire questions).

Feel free to share these with anyone who likes to be in the know and comment below with any questions you'd like answered or myths you'd like proven or debunked.

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