3 ways to tame your turkey neck

3 ways to tame your turkey neck
3 ways to tame your turkey neck

It’s time to talk turkey, and we’re not referring to the star of your Thanksgiving soiree. What we mean is your neck. More specifically, the loose, sagging skin on your neck that starts to resemble a turkey’s waddle as we age — hence the ever unflattering term: turkey neck.

Sadly, there’s nothing that betrays the real digits on your drivers license faster than your neck. Okay… maybe your hands too… but I digress.

The skin on your neck is delicate and therefore tends to develop wrinkles faster than your face. So why, I ask you, has your face been hogging the spotlight when it comes to your skincare rituals? Why? No, seriously. Why?

Oh never mind. After your annual T-day gorge, you probably won’t be able to move much beyond the couch, so here are a few things that lie on the very fringes of physical movement that you can do to help combat a turkey neck.

It seems any posture that tips your chin towards your chest will add horizontal lines across your neck. Sleeping with a single pillow, on your back, with your neck stretched out ‘long’ will help stave off wrinkles in your neck, with the added bonus of having the same benefit for your face.

The same thing goes for hunching over your desk or your laptop exactly like I’m doing right now — *pulling shoulders back. ‘Computer neck’ is simply bad work posture and will make your neck look older. Try sitting with a straight back, relax your shoulders and hold your head high. Doesn’t that feel better?

Another bit of posture-related advice offered up in an article on the subject published in The Daily Mail is to stretch the skin on your neck by practicing facial yoga. Specifically a little exercise called ‘the giraffe — and seriously, what the heck is with all of these animal comparisons. Stop already.

Place your fingertips on the top of your neck, and as you tilt your head back, lightly stroke the skin on your neck in a downward motion. Then bring your head back to its starting position and repeat twice. No, we’re not done. Now jut out your lower lip as far as possible and place your fingers on your collarbone and point your chin upwards while pulling the corners of your mouth down and hold for four breaths. There… you’ve done ‘the giraffe’. Facial yoga enthusiasts claim that, repeated daily, you’ll see results in three weeks.

Of course, this might get awkward in public, so maybe don’t try this at the Thanksgiving fete — unless your family is like mine and everyone will be joining in, in which case, carry on.

For those too lazy to actually stretch those face muscles yourself — the indignity! — there are devices that actually work as a toner. Made of steel and plastic, you put the device in your mouth (just like you will the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and pie), chew on it, and brace your teeth. Apparently this works different muscles in your cheeks and pulls up the neck. These devices promise that, in a few minutes a day, all 30 muscles in your face, chin and neck will lift and tone.

Let’s reconvene next week and take a look at some “less strenuous” ways to ward off the waddle. And, Happy Thanksgiving!

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