2014 skincare resolutions

2014 skincare resolutions
2014 skincare resolutions

By Zipporah Sandler

New Year’s Day has passed, and while I made my resolutions, I didn’t really share them with too many people for fear of failure. The resolution to turn back the clock is front and center for me, since I turn sixty in February.

If like me, you have resolved to look younger, healthier and more refreshed in 2014, I did some digging to find the Cosmeceuticals we’re looking for. Cosmeceuticals are beauty products with active ingredients reporting a medicinal after-effect. They really are your best bet for glowing healthy skin in 2014, and your ASAPS plastic surgeon can help determine which are the best for your particular skin.

Be Gone, Unwanted Hair!

First things first, let’s start with a clean and smooth palate. Removing unwanted hair can be a time consuming process and going to a med-spa or surgeon’s office is BEST, but can seriously eat into your budget. A new home-based hair removal product from meSmooth can help you get a leg up, so to speak. The device is painless and gentle, working great on all skin types and colors without damaging the delicate skin, even in the bikini area. Don’t use harsh chemicals to remove the hair, it might look easy-peasy but you’ll risk doing serious damage to your skin.

Drink It In, Best Skin Care Products

The ultimate defense between your body and the elements is healthy skin – and it needs hydration and nutrients to repair and replenish itself. A well-thought out beauty ritual can end up resulting in younger, smoother and clearer skin. Love My Body provides great modern skincare products that are simple and effective. This is the place to go for great exfoliators and moisturizers. Check out their product “myHero” for a great anti-aging cream.

Cleansing your skin with the right products can become a soothing and tranquil part of your day. Why not treat yourself to a gift set from Avene? Providing a variety of skin care products, the secret to Avene’s success is fresh spring water known for its restorative capabilities.

Pretty It Up; Healthy Makeup For 2014

When you think of makeup do you think of caked on layers and clogged pores? Makeup doesn’t have to be horrible for your skin! Choosing the right products can mean the difference between makeup that damages your skin and makeup that truly enhances the health of your skin.

Start things off right with a good base. Revision sells some great cosmeceutical foundation products such as tinted moisturizer, under eye cream and concealer. Revision partners with physicians to make sure their products are top of the line with pure ingredients and the best of intentions. Our favorite Revision product is the Teamine Eye Cream which reduces dark circles, fills fine lines and brightens the eyes for a more youthful look.

Choose a cosmetics company with skincare in mind. Well known makeup icon, Jane Iredale, sells makeup that is made for people with sensitive skin, allergies or who just want the best skin possible. They sell full kits and tools as well. One of their most popular items is the “Lip Drink”:https://janeiredale.com/us/en/mineral-makeup/lips/lipdrink-spf-15-lip-balm.htm, a colorless lip balm with professional results. When moisturizing the skin it is easy to forget about the lips but they get dried out, cracked and irritated if left un-pampered!

Look great, feel great!

If you have New Year’s resolutions that are more about success than skincare, keep in mind that looking fantastic on the outside can give you that extra burst of confidence you need to reach for the stars.

Let’s make 2014 your year to shine with awesome skin, a radiant new look and a beautiful new you!