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  • Know your surgeon, do your research

    I came across this article a few days ago and it really upset me: Bronx woman died seeking cheap tummy tuck surgery in Dominican Republic 

    I can totally understand wanting to put my body back the way it was before having kids, but it is so not worth risking your life. Of course every surgery has risks, but this article proves how crucial it is to do your research and select a surgeon with the proper credentials.  

  • Post-op maintenance: Staying healthy following your procedure

    Just because your operation is over doesn't mean that it's time to stop caring for your body. Monitoring how you treat yourself in the weeks immediately following your procedure is essential to ensuring your results and overall health remain positive. 

  • The growing dangers of DIY plastic surgery

    While some jobs, such as quilt making and lamp shade decoration, lend themselves to the recent do-it-yourself trend, others are best left to the pros, such is the case with cosmetic surgery. 

  • No more shots for prevention of postsurgical blood clots

    Patients undergoing tummy tucks (or abdominoplasty), especially those also having a breast augmentation or breast lift procedure (Mommy Makeover) can be at an increased risk for clots in the legs called Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). These DVTs can result in a fatal condition called a Pulmonary Embolus (PE). Many believe this may have been what caused the death of the Rap Star Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, who had a tummy tuck and breast reduction in 2007. 

  • Things to know before your surgery

    Going under the knife for any reason can be a little scary, whether you're having your appendix removed or undergoing a breast augmentation. But unlike other surgeries, cosmetic procedures are surrounded by a haze of myths and unnecessary fears, from physical concerns to monetary ones. Clyde H. 

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