Turning back time – nonsurgical eye treatments

Turning back time – nonsurgical eye treatments
Turning back time – nonsurgical eye treatments

By Zipporah Sandler

When I look into the mirror I see them, those dark circles that I’ve had since I was a child (hereditary) and NOW – I’ve got bags big enough for a week-long trip to Europe. Add in some crows-feet and I feel like donning sunglasses….even indoors. I’d give anything to look like I just stumbled upon the fountain of youth without undergoing major surgery. When it comes to revealing your age, the eyes have a lot to say about the matter. It’s true that youthful looking eyes will take years off your assumed age, but I’m just not ready for surgery at my age yet. Luckily there are many less invasive things you and I can do to get a younger look.

Minor damage control

If you want to simply slow aging down or give your eyes a little boost there are many cosmeceutical and all-natural remedies you can use.

· Stay hydrated, moisturized and well rested for naturally younger eyes

· Control dark circles with makeup and make eyes look wider with the right eye shadow application

· Longer, fuller eye lashes make your eyes look younger, so invest in high-quality mascara (and maybe a prescription for Latisse)

· Natural diuretics like cucumber slices and cold tea bags held over the eyes can reduce puffiness and redness (great at-home spa treatment!)

Bringing out the bigger guns

If you need to take years off your look there are some procedures you can get with a plastic surgeon that don’t involve going under the knife. These procedures are less invasive and less expensive than full-on surgery.

· Pelleve Treatments – a radiofrequency device that is used to permanently tighten the skin, this is most often used on the face, neck and under the eyes and is pain-free and cost effective. The radiofrequency gradually heats and stretches the skin. The patient feels no pain and the results are fairly immediate. Usually 2-3 treatments are needed at a cost of between $300-$600 for each, depending on the area treated.

· Dermal Fillers – an easy, comfortable way to achieve immediate results for a younger looking face. The fillers are injected and provide a smoother surface, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. It also adds volume and elasticity to the skin. The two most commonly used fillers right now are Juvederm and Radiesse Contact your doctor to learn more about each and find out which is best for you.

· Botox (or Dysport and Xeomin) is a tried and true method of rejuvenation that involves injecting a prescription medication into the skin to relax the muscles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is a less permanent solution and requires treatments every 3-4 months for the best results.

Everyone ages at a different rate and in different ways. If you find that your eyes are aging quickly there are many options available to you that you can consider before doing a more radical surgery. Remember that if you start early, you can also slow down the look of aging with a great diet and proper rest!