“Lunchtime Fix” Procedures Still Require Planning and Downtime, Here’s Why

“Lunchtime Fix” Procedures Still Require Planning and Downtime, Here’s Why

The “lunchtime fix” is a term that has been coined to explain nonsurgical procedures that can be done within an hour and have relatively no downtime allowing workers to go back to work right after. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian based in Beverly Hills, CA weighs in on procedures that are performed in a short time period and how preparation is still important regardless of how long the procedures take.

“I am always cautioning my patients about having high expectations with having a procedure done without any downtime, without any issues and expecting an immediate amazing results to happen to them,” notes Dr. Nazarian. “I would never use that term “lunchtime fix” because it sort of makes plastic surgery and the things that we do very flip.”

Even with procedures that can be performed within an hour, Dr. Nazarian explains that there is still planning that needs to be done before and after.

“Everything that happens in that one hour time period takes planning for, not just getting the patient ready to have it done, but also knowing what to expect after the procedure –swelling and bruising; there is some downtime with everything,” she notes. “It’s also best to get the procedure done after work if the person is not comfortable sharing with their coworkers what they are getting done.”

It’s important for the plastic surgeon to educate the patient prior to them coming in, prior to even booking the appointment to make sure that they are a good candidate, that they have stopped smoking if that’s appropriate or didn’t drink or ensure they take an Advil the night before to reduce bruising.

“It’s important to go over expectations before the patient comes in and I find that my patients are really appreciative the fact that I respect not only their time but my own time as well.”

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