Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with the CoolMini Applicator

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with the CoolMini Applicator
Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with the CoolMini Applicator

A tight, taut jawline is a sign of youth and beauty–It’s something most of us don’t realize the value of until it’s gone. If you’ve been bemoaning your double chin wishing there was a way to spot reduce, technology has just made it a lot easier. Zeltiq Aesthetics’ CoolSculpting, the non-surgical fat reduction treatment that utilizes controlled cooling to eliminate fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise, recently received FDA approval for another device, the CoolMini Applicator, that gives plastic surgeons a new tool to address and non-invasively correct your double chin as well other areas that hold onto small pockets of fat.

According to Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon based out of Morristown, New Jersey, “The new CoolSculpt CoolMini applicator is uniquely designed to target small volume areas of fat. The applicator’s size, shape and curvature comfortably fit these problem areas which could not be properly treated with the previously available, larger applicators.” This is good news for those that have accumulated fat in the sub mental area (aka double-chin fat), upper knee and axillary area and even those that have contour irregularities caused by previous liposuction treatments.

Is the CoolMini applicator right for everyone? Not necessarily. According to Dr. Glatt, the best candidates for this procedure are “patients who have small bulges of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise or those with submental fullness.” He adds, “Proper patient selection is important since lax skin may be produced if cool sculpting is performed on areas with significant skin excess or on skin with poor elasticity.” If your doctor says this isn’t the right choice for you, you might fare better with the recently released Kybella, a new, non-invasive treatment for sub mental fullness that works by dissolving the fat through a series of tiny injections directly into the fat under the chin. A series of two to four sessions approximately six weeks apart are necessary for optimal results.

Dr. Glatt says “It’s still unclear which patients may benefit more from CoolSculpting or Kybella. Further studies need to be performed to better answer this question, but each treatment option should be discussed with your doctor to help determine which one may prove more beneficial in order to best individualize treatment.”

If you think the CoolMini might be right for you, a board certified plastic surgeon’s office is a good starting place for a consultation for this and any type of cosmetic procedure or treatment. According to Dr. Glatt: “A patient should seek out both a CoolSculpting Certified Practice as well as a practitioner who has had ample experience in CoolSculpting and is able to identify and properly treat the subtle differences in each patient. It is very possible to create irregularities or poor results if CoolSculpting is not performed properly or if it's done by a practitioner who is not adequately educated to consider appropriate body contours and aesthetics.”


  • There is no pretreatment preparation and no downtime.
  • This procedure has minimal discomfort and does not require the use of pain medication.
  • The length of a CoolMini treatment is one hour.
  • Your licensed provider will take before photos of the area then mark the area specifically being treated.
  • A thin layer of a jelly like substance will be applied to the area being treated. While sitting comfortably, the applicator is appropriately placed and you should feel a minimal amount of suction as CoolSculpting goes to work extracting only enough cold energy to selectively target fat cells. Other cells and tissue, including skin, remain unharmed. In general, if used properly, the skin overlying areas of excess fat does contract around the new shape.
  • You can minimize post-treatment bruising in the area being treated by avoiding ibuprofen, including Advil, Midol and Motrin for two weeks post treatment.
  • You’ll see results in as little as three weeks, but the most dramatic results occur one to three months after treatment.

After consultation, if you are an appropriate candidate for CoolSculpt’s CoolMini, you would be referred to a CoolSculpt practitioner for a more in depth explanation of the procedure. Physicians, nurses, or other clinical members of a physician’s staff may become authorized to use the CoolMini applicator if they’ve completed their Practice Certification Program to become authorized to use each applicator. Who can perform this procedure is determined at the state level. If you have any questions, please consult your state medical society.

When diet and exercise are unable to address your unwanted areas of fat, this might be just what you’re looking for and if you continue to maintain a healthy diet and good exercise habits post-treatment, you can experience long term results from the CoolMini applicator procedure.

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