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  • 6 ways to correct spider and varicose veins

    I remember when my daughter asked me about my tattoo. I apprehensively turned to look where she was pointing, ‘cause either I’d gotten a tattoo some drunken college night, without my knowledge, or she was pointing to a vein. To be honest, I wasn’t sure which was better.  

    Alas, it was an ugly blue vein that formed a letter P. The only P in the family is my mother-in-law, which would be abnormal to attribute my faux tattoo to. 

  • Tattoo regret: How many people are removing their ink?

    By: Ron Robinson 

    Have you ever admired something but never necessarily wanted it for yourself? I admire how well a deep tan looks (it’s the epitome of summer health), but I don’t want to spend hours in the sun to achieve it -- all that UV damage can catch up to you. 

  • Three ways to tackle unsightly spider veins

    Spiders. Whether your instinct is to run screaming for the nearest shoe, or gently (and with trepidation) coax the wee creature onto a tissue and deposit his leggy-being outdoors — I think we can all agree we want him gone. But if you thought that bathroom showdown with an actual spider was bad, let’s talk about something worse: spider veins. And they’re not just for grandma anymore.  

    In fact, spider veins can spread their veiny goodness onto legs, and faces, and arms of any age — they’re cool like that. 

  • Laser hair removal is a medical procedure

    A Brooklyn woman who underwent laser hair removal with a non-physician told The New York Times that she experienced burning pain during her third laser hair removal session. Red stripes appeared along the back of her legs, turning brown over the next few months. The operator error was to schedule her treatments four weeks apart instead of the recommended 10 to 12 weeks for legs. 

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