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  • How To Eliminate Those Pesky And Unsightly Spider Veins

    Sclerotherapy might be the coolest procedure to bear witness to, and is still the best method to eliminate those pesky and unsightly spider veins! 

  • Zapping myths about laser hair removal

    Between the days spent at the beach and nights lounging on the patio, summer offers the perfect time to stay outdoors and bask in the beautiful weather. Since this season provides ample opportunity for showing off your favorite shorts and cocktail dresses, women generally spend a great deal of time shaving, hoping that their days will not be ruined by those small, prickly hairs that won't seem to go away. 

  • Prenup Plastic Surgery: Would You Say “I Do?”

    If you’re thinking of getting something done, when better than before the biggest day of your life, as well as the most important photo shoot of your life? All eyes will be on you, which is something you should enjoy, not feel anxious about. And it's not just for that day… imagine that photo that will forever be sitting on your mantel. After you have kids and age as gracefully as possible, you will always look at that photo and revel in the one moment you felt the most beautiful. 

  • 5 Great “Starter” Procedures That May Quickly Help You  Regain Some of Your Youth

    (AKA my to-do list after spending a summer at camp with a bunch of young counselors) 

    I’m spending the summer at Camp Lenox (in the Berkshires) with my children on a journey that I thought would make me feel like a kid again. In many ways it has, but in even more ways, it has highlighted how I’m not as young as I feel.  

    You can always go back, but you can’t go back in time. There is definitely truth in this. 

  • What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal - to Avoid Things Getting Hairy

    I’m spending the summer at camp with my kids and I’m using the experience as part of a humor writing series I’m working on. There’s a ton of material. For starters, I’m older than pretty much all of the counselors and staff, who all seem fresh-faced and aglow at each and every function. Likewise, I’m working hard to look even slightly aglow. ‘Aflicker’ may be a better term.  

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