5 Great “Starter” Procedures That May Quickly Help You Regain Some of Your Youth

5 Great “Starter” Procedures That May Quickly Help You  Regain Some of Your Youth
5 Great “Starter” Procedures That May Quickly Help You Regain Some of Your Youth

(AKA my to-do list after spending a summer at camp with a bunch of young counselors)

I’m spending the summer at Camp Lenox (in the Berkshires) with my children on a journey that I thought would make me feel like a kid again. In many ways it has, but in even more ways, it has highlighted how I’m not as young as I feel.

You can always go back, but you can’t go back in time. There is definitely truth in this.

I’m noticing some very distinct differences between me and these young’uns (aside from the fact that I use terms like young’uns. That said, here is my camp-inspired to-do list including the most recommended procedures to accomplish said items! I can’t wait to start checking things off!

1. Un-sun: IPL Photofacial

These kids have the most beautiful skin. Maybe it’s because their parents insisted they use strong sunblock (or like me with my own kids: excessive sunblock,) while our parents considered SPF 4 to be the ultimate defense. I’m starting with an IPL treatment (photofacial) which uses light to diminish sun spots, freckling, and dare I say it? Age-spots.

2. Smooth Out: Fractional Laser Treatment

Young people seem to have the smoothest skin ever with a glow that I’m really envious of. Did I ever have that??? So, next on my list is a CO2 laser like Fraxel to help resurface my face and neck, reduce that crepelike skin, tighten it up, increase the production of collagen, and help reduce fine lines and acne scarring.

3. Turn Up the Volume: Fill’er Up

These kiddies all seem to have cheeks – big, full apple-y cheeks. I used to have them too, but they’ve sunken a bit and then the dropped a bit, and, well, you get the picture. So, I’m putting Voluma XC on the list. It’s the newest filler from Juvederm for cheeks and its base is hyaluronic acid, which means it can be dissolved. I’m still too much of a wuss to use something that can’t be removed.

4. Iron Out: Restylane and Botox Baby

Yes, as expected the youth here have few, if any permanent wrinkles. I don’t mind my wrinkles, but I could make do with less of them. Also, I’m not a fan of the ventriloquist lines. The nasolabial folds could use a bit of smoothing and I’m all about freezing some worry lines and a crows foot or two.

5. De-vein: Sclerotherapy

When you’re a teenybopper your legs don’t look like a road map. Not so much as you age. I’m pretty sure a person at a gas station once used my legs to find an exit he’d missed! I’ve tried sclerotherapy in the past, and it was a bit painful, but there are new injectable agents, which are a lot less painful. Look for a doctor who uses Asclera (Polidocanol) rather than Sotradecol or hypertonic saline.

Sure, there are other things on my list: De-dimpling, and Saying ‘Bye Bye’ to Bye Bye Arms, but I think this is a great start - a perfect starter regimen for those of us over 40.

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