New Year, New You: Popular Cosmetic Procedures that will Refresh and Renew in 2016

New Year, New You:  Popular Cosmetic Procedures that will Refresh and Renew in 2016
New Year, New You: Popular Cosmetic Procedures that will Refresh and Renew in 2016

Believe it or not, I was the ripe old age of 40 when I got my very first-ever pedicure. When I told several people this fact, they looked at me incredulously as if I had spent the past 20-something years living under a rock. I mean, how could I call myself a modern woman and not be a devotee of such a popular pampering service?! Well I can assure you now that I've had a pedicure, which unlike the manicures I've gotten has lasted and not chipped for a solid month I am hooked. And since getting a pedicure I've found myself drawn to taking more of an interest in pampering and caring for this body I inhabit. I think so many of us women tend to be caregivers; (always putting the needs of our significant others before our own), be it stuff as monumental as regular health checkups to walking around with jacked up soles because getting a pedicure is not high on our list of priorities . Well in 2016 I’ve had this epiphany: As a 42 year-old woman I’ve decided that this year I will not put myself last. I’m going to take care of me and not feel guilty about doing it.

While the whole “New Year, New You” concept is a bit tired, the following procedures are not. In fact, they’re becoming more popular than ever, so if you too are ready to make 2016 the year of YOU and want to refresh your appearance with some cosmetic procedures now that the winter doldrums are upon us, leaving us prey to rough, dull complexions, keep reading for the 411 on the most popular ones that will have you looking rejuvenated and feeling refreshed.

Fillers, Chemical Peels and Lasers Top the List

According to board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso, when it comes to getting that new and refreshed look for 2016 many of his patients are showing a continued interest in improving facial wrinkles with injectables, chemical peels and lasers.

“From a facial rejuvenation standpoint, Botox remains a frontrunner in my patients’ requests for facial rejuvenation along with injectables of all shapes and sizes,” says Dr. Gayoso. “When it comes to chemical peels for aging skin I am a supporter, because it helps skin to look and feel healthier. We have several different chemicals that we utilize in my office.”
And while Dr. Gayoso has used both IPL and laser for facial rejuvenation, he prefers fractional lasers as he feels that he gets better results and more long-lasting results with this type of laser.

Quality Skincare Products Should be a Staple

For women like me who want to get a refreshed youthful appearance, but might not want to opt for a full-blown surgical procedure just yet, Dr. Gayoso follows the recommendation of his aesthetician who has recently made a switch to the ZO Skin Health skincare line.

“My aesthetician has spent many years putting together combinations that help various types of skin obtain overall improvement" notes Dr. Gayoso, who is pleased with the results he is achieving since transitioning to the new line. He also adds that in addition to good skincare products, his aesthetician relies on microdermabrasion, a safe and effective way to exfoliate skin as it allows the chemicals to be better absorbed by the skin.

Dr. Gayoso also recommends tretinoin and hydroquinone which still have an important position in overall improvement of skin appearance.

Celebrities like Adele are in and the Kardashians are Out

Of course patients are also eager to start the New Year with some celebrity-inspired features notes Dr. Gayoso. He says some patients are actually asking for a nose that resembles Adele’s--specifically as it appears on her latest album. And while Dr. Gayoso says that augmented buttocks remain a request, the trend seems to be less augmented than what Hollywood is showing. In fact, he shares that his patients feel like the Kardashian bottoms have gone beyond what is aesthetically pleasing.

Liposuction and Tummy Tucks are Still the Gold Standard for Body Contouring

Overall Dr. Gayoso says he is still seeing patients choose surgery over non-surgery a majority of the time, even though he offers CoolSculpting at his office.
“Patients want dramatic results, and surgery can achieve them more consistently than nonsurgical methods, “ notes Dr. Gayoso, who admits that CoolSculpting remains popular with executives, as time away from work is a defining factor for them in choosing a method of body contouring. “There is a request for CoolSculpting, and we will often compare and contrast what surgical body contouring can do versus nonsurgical body contouring like CoolSculpting.”

What I take away from Dr. Gayoso‘s insights in regards to resolving to look my best in 2016 is investing in good skincare. If you are ready to dramatically alter your look and dive in head first, (aka rid yourself of body sagging and wrinkles,) you probably want to opt for a surgical procedure to lift and rejuvenate as that seems to be the gold standard. Just be sure you find the best board-certified doctor and then Carpe Diem the heck out of 2016!

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