Top ten plastic surgery advancements for 2014

Top ten plastic surgery advancements for 2014
Top ten plastic surgery advancements for 2014

By Ron Robinson

It’s 2014! And with a new year means new innovations and advancements in plastic surgical procedures. Through surgical cosmetic procedures, we can see trends regarding skincare and cosmetics, how women want to look and feel.

Like last year, for example, I saw a lot of skin-lightening procedures making their mark in the cosmetic industry, along with the addition of more hyaluronic acid and collagen-based ingredients being found in skincare to help make the skin look more supple and younger-looking. When it comes to the reason why people choose cosmetic surgery, well, that’s simple: for "marketability in the work place and social milieu."

I spoke with Dr. Joe M. Gryskiewicz of Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery. He explained some of the big surgical procedure trends for 2014, including new technology and some of Dr. Joe’s favorite injections, medicines and implants that will help prevent mishaps, medical complications and result in a quicker recovery time.

1. Breasts. The number one cosmetic procedure for the foreseeable future is breast augmentation. “New developments in this area include a ‘quick recovery’ approach, allowing the patient to save thousands of dollars by returning to work earlier.

2. Scars. Armpit incisions for breast augmentation are becoming more sought-after, too. An "internal lift" called a Dual Plane, which avoids extensive external scars, is being used more often by experienced surgeons.”

3. Implant tech. Seri Surgical Scaffold -- An implant to help support sagging breasts or breasts which have lost their support.

4. Facelift. When it comes to invasive surgery, the actual process is becoming more refined and perfected. “Each year, things move toward shorter incisions, more endoscopic or telescope procedures and more injectables (facial shaping and filling) and less open facelift procedures.”

5. Fat. Not all new procedures pertain to invasive surgery as seen by new devices that fight fat without surgery. “I would say that CoolSculpting, which freezes fat away will have the lead,” says Dr. Joe.

6. Cellulite. VenusFreeze, which tightens skin and helps with cellulite, combines radio frequency technology and magnetic pulses. Xiaflex -- An injection (in clinical trials for the treatment of cellulite) may be promising.

7. Complications. Xarelto -- An oral pill (no more daily shots), to help prevent life-threatening blood clots after tummy tuck and other in body contouring procedures.

8. Pain management. Exparel -- A long-acting type of Novocain, which can help post-operative pain for up to 72-hours in breast augmentation and tummy tucks.

9. Injections. Layered Implantation -- A new subdermal (below the skin) technique for injecting face fillers, and I believe it will catch on more and more as surgeons learn about it.

10. Recovery. With the options increasing in nonsurgical procedures and shorter incisions for surgical ones, we can expect to get back on our feet faster and return to work.