Surgeons team up for new plastic surgery reality TV series

Surgeons team up for new plastic surgery reality TV series
Surgeons team up for new plastic surgery TV series

Many individuals have made the news recently for their outlandish plastic surgery requests, from the man who wants to look like a Ken doll to the woman who got surgery to resemble Jessica Rabbit. While these instances are rare, they leave us wondering: What happens if they aren't happy with their results?

Entertainment channel E! aims to quell these concerns with its new series "Botched," which follows two plastic surgeons as they attempt to right cosmetic wrongs patients have had. Some of these patients are those who regret their unrealistic requests - such as a man who wanted to look like Justin Bieber - while others are those who received surgery from unverified doctors. 

Plastic surgeons aim to correct cosmetic procedures
After discovering a need among unsatisfied patients, two Beverly Hills-based surgeons began performing rescue operations for people who were not happy with their plastic surgeries. Primarily, the surgeons worked with those who underwent a string of procedures to resemble a Hollywood icon or those who received work from a surgeon who was not board-certified. 

The doctors spoke to The Fresno Bee about the upcoming TV series, explaining the different types of procedures to expect from the show and the process by which surgeons made their selections. 

"In the last two weeks since the show has wrapped, I have received so many texts from these patients just independently saying, 'I can't thank you enough. You've changed my life, and it's been amazing for me,'" one surgeon told the source. "So for me, it's been an amazing experience. I hope it resonates with the audience, because there's a lot of bad plastic surgery out there that I think we can really change."

Both surgeons emphasized that they only performed additional surgeries following rigorous psychological examinations of patients, as they wanted to ensure operations stemmed from the desire to enhance one's physical appearance - not from a disorder.

Ensuring your procedure yields the right results
There's no guarantee that plastic surgery will result in the exact appearance of your dreams, but there are several steps you can take to ensure the procedure is as safe and effective as possible. First, patients should be sure to research surgeons prior to consultations - if you know the procedure you wish to have, entrust a doctor who is board-certified in plastic surgery and has a solid track record with the surgery. Second, keep your expectations in check. Requesting a facial feature that looks similar to your favorite Hollywood star may give your surgeon a base from which he or she can work, but they cannot recreate another person's face entirely.