Surgeons see rise in mother-daughter cosmetic procedures

Surgeons see rise in mother-daughter cosmetic procedures
Surgeons see rise in mother-daughter cosmetic procedures

She gave birth to you, fed you and raised you: Would it be so weird if she visited the surgeon with you?

According to one Beverly Hills surgeon, the answer is no. A number of mother-daughter pairs have sought cosmetic procedures to complete as a couple, whether they're getting matching breast implants or receiving identical rhinoplasties. While this kind of bonding experience may seem strange to some, plenty of patients have opted for procedures they can complete with another person. Romantic partners frequently visit plastic surgeons together, as they view the activity as couple-strengthening.

Rising number of mother-daughter pairs seek simultaneous surgeries
One Los Angeles-based surgeon recently reported that his firm had seen a boom in the number of family pairs visiting his firm. Some women are inspired by special occasions, such as weddings or events where many photographs will be taken, while others merely want a partner when taking this journey. Tami Fry, a 31-year-old teacher from Oklahoma, explained to MSNBC that she was inspired to get breast implants after seeing her mother undergo a similar procedure.

"I'd talked about getting a breast lift for years," Fry explained. "[After giving birth], my chest just went flat and down. When I saw how beautiful my mom looked, I said, 'That's it. I'm doing it.'" 

The Oklahoma-based surgeon who conducted both procedures explained that he sees so many mother-daughter pairs that he has considered instituting a family discount for eligible patients. He described that mothers frequently go first while daughters help them through recovery, then undergo their own procedures after their mothers have healed.

Women see benefits when going under the knife together
Mother-daughter pairs have reported a number of benefits when visiting surgeons together. The doctor from L.A. explained that women typically receive a boost in self-confidence when they have another person that not only supports their decision, but undergoes their own procedure. The benefits only grow greater when the person who stands by your side is your own mother, he said. 

One of the greatest reasons these groups of women have sought simultaneous surgeries is to correct a genetic condition plaguing both parties. For example, Kim Doran, a 31-year-old Chicago-based writer, told MSNBC that she and her mother received matching rhinoplasties to correct the "family nose." Similar to the Fry women, Doran's mother was inspired after seeing how beautiful Kim looked following her procedure. Skin conditions, chin shape and puffy eyelids are all common among mother-daughter pairs, the L.A. surgeon explained.