Santa Claus last seen toting bag of plastic surgery gift certificates

Santa Claus last seen toting bag of plastic surgery gift certificates

Remember the song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?" Not only does that date you, but the message is a thing of the past.  Most of us want veneers, and that's just for starters. The average plastic surgery menu includes everything from Botox to facelifts to "Mommy Makeovers."

Santa's bag of toys has gone through extreme changes over the years. And now it's as likely to hold plastic surgery gift certificates as a Lionel train set. Elle magazine reports that, according to a recent survey,more people are gifting aesthetic procedures than ever before.

One Chicago-based plastic surgeon has seen such a dramatic increase in procedure gifting that he has started offering electronic gift cards.  He has sold more than 50 gift cards so far this season, many of them for lower-priced procedures such as medical-grade peels. Alocal company owner gifted his employees with these peels. But this gifting trend extends way beyond inexpensive procedures.

A Manhattan-based dermatologist reports that mothers buy daughters laser hair removal and sisters get sisters injectables. "It's very common that if one sister has already tried Botox or a filler injection, she will gift one to her sister to 'let her try it too.' It's almost like the generous spirit makes her more comfortable that she is doing it herself!"

The latest Christmas gift is a syringe of Voluma, a new FDA-approved injectable designed especially to plump the cheek area, with effects that persist twice as long as other fillers.

There are even some husbands who gift their wives with liposuction or a neck tightening procedure in lieu of a trip. But, in most of these cases, it is not the husband's idea but the wife's.She had probably been talking about it and was likely to have undergone the consultation.

In the case of women gifting men with cosmetic procedures it is usually the woman's idea…and this may account for about one-third of the gift certificates purchased. Men may secretly fantasize about Botox to smooth out the "11" between their eyes but frequently do not act on it.

If you are gifting a loved one with a cosmetic procedure, make sure you buy it from a practitioner who is board-certified in the appropriate specialty.