Sagging earlobes get attention in the UK

Sagging earlobes get attention in the UK

It would be nice if "Gravity" was just a 3-D movie. Instead, it is the relentless pull that works on all body parts and eventually causes descent in the most surprising areas. For example, your nose. Recently, British Mail Online ran an article about sagging earlobes, prompted by cosmetic surgery clinics that advertise earlobe surgeries.

Unfortunately, earlobes do not get a pass from the aging process. Earlobes age by sagging and growing longer. With the sagging, some earlobes get thinner and develop creases or wrinkles. In women with elongated earlobe holes or actual earlobe hole tears, resulting in a split ear lobe, the ear lobes are often quite thin - even after surgical repair. The condition is made worse, or even partially caused, by heavy dangling earrings that pull down the lobes. But now that men are stretching their earlobes by inserting large cylindrical disks, they are also likely to have earlobe disfigurement.

Some British cosmetic surgery clinics offer an earlobe rejuvenation treatment. They inject dermal fillers to "revolumize and restore" earlobes to make them look more youthful. According to Mail Online, hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm, Emervel and Restylane are used to achieve a tissue-expanding effect. A big plus of this treatment is that when you inject dermal fillers into the earlobes, results persist far longer than when you inject fillers into other facial areas. Why? There is a total lack of muscle movement in the ear lobes and therefore no wear and tear. The addition of an injectable filler is meant to expand the stretch the earlobe into a more youthful appearance.

Regency Aesthetics in London advertises that they will rejuvenate your lobes for 195 pounds. They claim to do it over lunchtime and say you can pop in your earrings following the treatment with no swelling or bruising.

In a perfect world, your earlobe should not comprise more than 25 percent of the total length of your ear. If earlobe rejuvenation is on your list, a board-certified plastic surgeon can present you with options.