It’s All About the Base — Butt Beautification — the Newest Trend

It’s All About the Base — Butt Beautification — the Newest Trend
It’s All About the Base — Butt Beautification — the Newest Trend

So, you’re looking at a spa menu and you see an item that is strictly focused on your posterior. Did you read that right? Yes. Could you spend an hour and a hundred bucks beautifying your buttocks? Yep, you could, and more and more spas/dermatologists’ offices are giving you the option to do so.

Frankly, I’m surprised this trend took a backseat for so long. I mean, we seem to obsess over celebrity derrières — from J. Lo to the Kardashians and every butt in between. Plus, there’s been a huge bump in posterior procedures — the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2014 cosmetic surgery statistics showed butt augmentation went up 86.1% in the last year alone.

These booty boosts may not be quite what you imagine. They give you a full rump rejuvenation — both by smoothing / clearing up skin and toning muscle. Why is this appealing? Who doesn’t want a bottom as smooth as a baby’s, well, bottom? Many people are prone to backside bumps and breakouts as a result of friction from pants, a reaction to soaps and detergents or ingrown hairs. Who doesn’t want a tighter tush? Though these treatments rarely claim to reduce cellulite, they do help firm the buttocks, at least in the short term.

Treatments to smooth and tone your tush start with an exfoliation and then move onto an electric pulse micro-current therapy to help muscles contract like they would if you were doing butt lifts in a sweaty gym, not a lovely spa.

Select plastic surgeons’ practices offer tush facials based on the patient’s needs which can include exfoliation, chemical peel, IPL and cellulite laser treatments.

Others offer treatments including an enzyme mask, a peel, a scrub, hydrating serums and a firming sculpt cream.

You don’t need to live in New York to have gorgeous glutes. I found spas that offer butt facials in cities all over the country: Chicago, LA, Miami and Detroit to name a few.

Other derriere do-overs offer steaming, high frequency acne treatments, spray tans, microdermabrasion and even paraffin wax.

I will leave you to think about your position on this new trend (mine will be face down on a massage table). Oh and I’ll leave you with my alternative titles: Behind Rewind, Derriere Repair, Rear-End Mend, Tush Tune-Up, Glute Glamification, Doin’ the Butt and my personal fave Back that Ass Up.

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