Is plastic surgery a solution to bullying?

Is plastic surgery a solution to bullying?
Is plastic surgery a solution to bullying?

Getting picked on and being bullied is nothing new to the 21st century, but lately bullying is getting more and more coverage by the press. These days there are school assemblies and lesson plans on bullying, articles on anti-bullying, anti-bullying political agendas and anti-bullying policies in public schools.

But no matter how much we try to address the issue, bullying seems to run rampant. If anything, it is probably getting worse with the convenience and anonymity of the Internet.

A new trend in plastic surgery is seeing teens seeking out plastic surgery as a result of bullying. The Today Show recently aired an episode featuring 15-year-old Renata who claims to be bullied so severely over her nose that she has been homeschooled for the past 3 years. She sought the help of a nonprofit organization (the Little Baby Face Foundation) that provides free plastic surgery to low-income children with facial deformities.

Renata was accepted into the program based on her Hemifacial microsomia a birth defect that causes underdevelopment in the face and, in Renata’s case, caused her nose to lean to the left, explained Dr. Thomas Romo, who runs the foundation.

Her mother compares Renata’s rhinoplasty with a parent putting braces on a child’s teeth, but I’m not so sure how I feel about that. There are some medical benefits to braces as well, and it’s not nearly as invasive as plastic surgery.

That said, seeing Renata’s reaction to her new face brought tears to my eyes. To see a child go from being so miserable about her appearance to so happy and confident…who can argue with that!??

What do you say? Is plastic surgery a viable solution to bullying? Would you put your child through a voluntary surgical procedure if she asked you for it? Where would you draw the line?

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