Can plastic surgery be a romantic activity?

Can plastic surgery be a romantic activity?
Can plastic surgery be a romantic activity?

Couples massages are a thing of the past. Why buy your sweetheart a spa package when you can get matching Botox injections? According to plastic surgeons across the United States, an increasing number of patients are undergoing cosmetic surgeries with their significant others. 

Increase in number of couples coming in together
According to ABC News in San Diego, there has been a significant increase in the number of lovers coming in to receive plastic surgeries together. One doctor told the news source his practice had seen a 30 percent increase in this trend over the past five years, stating that he believed the reason was due to the fact that partners want to grow old, yet feel young, together. As the number of men receiving procedures rises, the surgeon said women were more likely to accompany their husbands to the doctor. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that more than 10 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2012, which is a 250 percent increase from 1997. While the majority of those patients were female, almost 10 million men were recipients. 

Another plastic surgeon told that couples are more likely to receive surgeries together because they enjoy supporting each other through mutual activities. He noted that since couples are likely to join gyms, eat healthy and go on walks together, it makes sense they would go through this life change as one. Within his practice, the doctor recently held a promotion in which patients were encouraged to bring in a friend. He found that the majority of participants were couples who had made the decision together.

One engaged pair, Shawn Doyle and Rachael Kelley, told the source that they have been going to the surgeon together since they met. Kelley noted that she enjoys having her loved one accompany her in the doctor's office.

"I think times are different now," she said to the source. "Cosmetic surgeries are more acceptable. And for us, it's something we like to do as a couple."

Coordinating recovery times
The surgeon warned, however, that couples should not undergo certain procedures at the same time. Should they be looking to receive injectables or liposuction, treatments could take place simultaneously since there is little to no recovery time. More invasive operations, such as breast augmentation or face lifts, should be booked with proper time take into consideration, as spouses may need to rely upon each other during their healing time. 

David and Jackie Jernigan, a couple chronicled in the ABC News article, received their surgeries at separates times so they could care for each other. Jackie had a full facelift first, while David opted for a less invasive lift when Jackie was better.