Plastic surgery conference highlights new trends for 2014

Plastic surgery conference highlights new trends for 2014
Plastic surgery conference highlights new trends for 2014

Much like other medical fields, the realm of cosmetic surgery is constantly changing, adapting to new technologies and finding more efficient ways to deliver service to patients. At the 2014 Aesthetic Meeting in San Francisco, medical professionals from the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF) presented a number of "Premier Global Hot Topics" that may affect the future of plastic surgery.

William P. Adams Jr., the president of ASERF and chair of Premier Global Hot Topics, explained in a press release from ASAPS that this conference was critical for connecting cosmetic surgeons to new technologies and trends in the plastic surgery world. 

Among the featured topics, surgeons spoke about a number of new trends and products that may soon see more use in the operating room. These new advances have been implemented by a number of doctors across the U.S., but the organization predicted that they will see more popularity as the year progresses.

Non-surgical fat removal
Liposuction was the most popular cosmetic procedure of 2013, with ASAPS reporting that more than 360,000 people sought this surgery. Fat and cellulite removal procedures see a great deal of success, but most require patients to go under the knife. However, surgeons spoke about a new technology, Vanquish RF, which could eliminate fat using radio frequencies, which heat up and kill fat cells in the body.

According to Allure magazine, this procedure targets specific areas on the body using radio signals, and it doesn't negatively affect surrounding skin - primarily because the technology never touches the body. Additionally, people may not suffer from as many side effects. The source interviewed one woman who underwent the procedure, and she explained that although the device heats the skin to 101 degrees, "it just feels warm." Common symptoms following the procedure include redness swelling, but they frequently disappear after a few days.

Voluma changing cheek contouring
Surgeons also discussed a new facial filler, Voluma, that was recently approved by the FDA. According to the Miami Herald, this filler can contour the cheeks in a number of ways, from adding volume to certain areas to providing a more chiseled appearance. One Florida-based surgeon told the source that the filler can lift, sculpt and even reverse aging - all of which last for up to 24 months. He also added that this option may provide fewer side effects than more traditional fillers.