Is plastic surgery on your Christmas list?

Is plastic surgery on your Christmas list?
Is plastic surgery on your Christmas list?

If you're wishing for a slimmer nose this Christmas, you may not be the only one - recent reports have revealed that more people are asking Santa for plastic surgery procedures.

From Richmond, Va., to Detroit, plastic surgeons have been noticing an uptick in inquiries and appointments for both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Many of the requests come from people looking to give a unique gift to their spouse, significant other or family member. 

"You get tired of that same old bottle of wine or any other gift you might give somebody so why not give them a facial peel or Botox or a gift certificate," one Virginia-based plastic surgeon told local news source WRIC. "Sometimes people get their procedures before the holidays and sometimes they get their little gifts and come in afterwards."

CBS Detroit added that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for Detroit-area plastic surgeons. One local surgeon told the news outlet that Botox injections, laser hair removal and breast augmentation are the most popular cosmetic holiday presents. 

Because the interest in plastic surgery increases around the holidays, many plastic surgeons have begun issuing gift certificates that can be redeemed for procedures such as injectables, breast implants and rhinoplasties. A previous report from The Sun-Sentinel found that these vouchers can run from $500 to several thousand dollars. 

While treating your romantic partner or relative to a plastic surgery procedure may be a special gift, it's important to consult with both your gift recipient and a board-certified plastic surgeon prior to making the decision. The idea of plastic surgery should always come from the individual who is going under the knife. 

"Definitely, if you're thinking of giving your spouse, your girlfriend, your boyfriend plastic surgery as a gift, make sure they ask for it first," a Detroit-based plastic surgeon told the news source.