Does Photoshop prompt plastic surgery?

Does Photoshop prompt plastic surgery?
Does Photoshop prompt plastic surgery?

"Selfie" may have been named the word of 2013, but the quest for having the perfect self-taken image has marked a number of beauty trends for 2014. While one organization reported that the obsession with selfies could be greatly influencing the number of people seeking plastic surgery, ABC News reported that another image-focused application might also be a contributing influence: Photoshop.

Woman claims her surgery was inspired by Photoshop
Triana Lavey, a 37-year-old Los Angeles resident, underwent a string of surgeries in 2012, including a rhinoplasty, fat grafting and chin implants. Since then, she has also sought additional nose surgery, Botox and more fat grafting. She explained that she was most heavily influenced by the way she looked on social media sites, such as YouTube and Instagram.

"Today this business is moving at the speed of the Internet," Lavey said to the source. "Your selfie is your head shot, so you can reinvent yourself every day with your iPhone ... I now have the face that I always thought that I had. I look like myself, but Photoshopped."

She added that while she uses popular mobile apps that edit images as they're taken, she feels as though her new looks allow her to better resemble starlets frequently 'shopped in the media.

Rising number of women stand up against the application
As the majority of people who go under the knife seek slight alterations to their appearances and do not wish to resemble highly-doctored images made popular by magazines, more women have spoken out against the use of Photoshop in advertisements. The images feature some of the world's most beautiful celebrities, but over-editing puts pressure on women around the world, forcing them to comport to unrealistic beauty standards.

The Washington Post reported that three House representatives recently introduced the Truth in Advertising Act, which would regulate the use of the software on advertisements, but not art.