Pet owners sending pooches under the knife?

Pet owners sending pooches under the knife?
Pet owners sending pooches under the knife

While some people are reinventing themselves with an upgraded nose or fat reduction to ring in the new year, others have opted to drive their dogs to the doc for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their physical appearances. According to Liberty Voice, animals can receive a wealth of procedures, from correcting overly floppy ears to reducing the number of wrinkles on their faces. Pet owners argue that these surgeries can lead to improved mental and physical health for their furry companions that may not be achieved through other means.

Cosmetic surgery for your Corgi
Dogs and cats that have been spayed or neutered may experience depression shortly following the procedure due to a feeling of incompleteness. Owners who believe their animals may be going through self-esteem issues have opted for prosthetic surgery to provide their four-legged friends with fake testicles. Neuticles, or silicon implants, have been implanted in over half a million dogs and have produced significant results. Kim Kardashian even sent her boxer to receive a pair in 2011, according to the Liberty Voice.  

Tummy tucks and liposuction are popular for overweight dogs, as well. Pudgier pups who have gained a significant amount of weight and incur decreased mobility have greatly benefited from these surgeries. Additionally, older dogs that cannot exercise due to joint health have undergone these procedures to help improve their overall health. Wrinkle removal and saggy skin reduction are other common surgeries for elderly canines.

Reconstructive surgery for injured animals
According to The New York Times, reconstructive surgery can help both health and self-esteem for animals that have suffered from life-threatening accidents. Dogs that have had birth defects, gotten into car accidents or experienced altercations that have left them with horrifying injuries now have the opportunity to undergo reconstructive cosmetic surgery to return them to healthier forms. Where in the past these animals may have been euthanized because of their injuries, these procedures offer a way for pets to continue to thrive.

In addition to operations that can enhance the physical appearance of a pup, there are several medically beneficial procedures available. Some of them include joint and bone enhancements, eye lifts for seeing-impaired animals and nose jobs for short-nosed creatures including the pug and Persian cat whose small snouts can lead to breathing problems. Since a very small amount of pet owners purchase pet insurance, most surgery costs are paid in full by the owners themselves.