How much money would you spend to look like your idol?

How much money would you spend to look like your idol?

For Toby Sheldon, the answer is $100,000. The German-born 33-year-old was featured in a recent episode of TLC's "My Strange Addiction." In the episode, Sheldon explains how he paid thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgeries to emulate Justin Bieber's boyish features. When the young star first became famous, Sheldon said he was jealous of the youthful glow Bieber exuded. 

Sheldon underwent a string of procedures to achieve Bieber's look, including: a hair transplant to move his forehead down and mimic longer bangs; filler underneath his eyebrows; fuller eyelids; upper, lower, and corner lip work; and a chin reduction. While he has been criticized for choosing the controversial star to copy, Sheldon does not regret his decision.

"Some people buy fancy cars and fancy mansions. What I do with my money is I get more surgeries to look like Justin Bieber," he explained during the episode.

Throughout the episode, framed pictures of Justin Bieber can be seen throughout the man's house as he wistfully stares at another picture of the pop star on his phone. His friend Marissa, however, claims that Sheldon does not consider himself a big fan of the singer's work.

"He had never particularly been a Justin Bieber fan, so that was a bit of a surprise," she said in the clip.

Vice magazine reported that Sheldon's surgeries came not from a deep love for the teen, but to increase his own marketability as an aspiring songwriter. He told the source that he had desired to look younger for years before Bieber became famous, but once he arrived on the scene, Sheldon knew exactly how he wanted his own face to appear. While he desired a more youthful appearance to help bolster his image in Los Angeles, he stressed in the article that he only underwent operations performed by board-certified professionals.

Sheldon's new single, "Justified," will be released soon.