Hair transplant surgery helps burn victims heal

Hair transplant surgery helps burn victims heal
Hair transplant surgery helps burn victims heal

Cosmetic procedures are often a beacon of hope for people who have been scarred or disfigured in accidents, as well as victims of crime or disease. One example is an 11-year-old Indianapolis girl who sustained burns as an infant, but has undergone a series of operations to restore her skin and hair, according to WSMV-Nashville. 

Young girl receives hair transplant from Nashville doctor
Cokie Allen is no stranger to an operating room, as the young girl has received over three dozen surgeries since she was only 12 months old, according to the news source. Her parents, Sandra and Michael, found her in a Chinese orphanage and discovered that she had survived through a fire, but had not received much medical care. After moving her to the United States, the Allens began consulting with doctors in order to learn how their daughter could best be healed, which included a number of skin graft procedures to restore parts of her body. While these transplants were effective in enhancing the health of her legs, Allen lost some of her hair to provide for her other body parts. 

However, one Nashville-based plastic surgeon offered to perform a hair transplant restorative surgery for​ Allen, free of charge. Dr. Jack Fisher and his team helped to restore hair follicles to​ the girl's head, filling in bald spots and threading hair into her follicles. Fisher told the news source that this procedure may hep to restore​ Allen's confidence as she grows older.

"Hair loss, especially for women, is very difficult," Fisher said. "For a young girl, it's a very difficult situation. It just is to make someone feel whole and make them feel comfortable about themselves."

The Allens were very grateful to Dr. Fisher, stating that Cokie's growing concerns about her physical appearance may now shrink thanks to the procedure.

Similar procedure yields success for Chicago girl
In 2013, another young girl who was burned and left in a Chinese orphanage underwent a string of plastic surgeries to help restore wounds on her face and chest, according to ABC News. Luci Newton, who was badly burned in a fireworks accident at three months old, also received surgery to replace hair that was lost during the incident. While she may require additional surgery as she grows older, her parents were ecstatic that the procedure was able to help Luci heal.