Do-it-yourself gadgets claim to deliver plastic surgery results

Do-it-yourself gadgets claim to deliver plastic surgery results

Plastic surgery in Asia, especially Japan, Taiwan and South Korea is flourishing, but it's somewhat different than the plastic surgery culture we know in the States. Here, there is a big focus on anti-aging. In Asia, in addition to anti-aging, plastic surgery is a means for very young people to achieve ideal beauty standards.

Teens, and sometimes even pre-teens, covet the tapered jawline, sculpted nose and double eyelid that are now considered beautiful in Asian movie stars. Parents of these teens support this goal because they believe their daughters will not get ahead if they are not pretty. Not all of these families can afford plastic surgery. So manufacturers have stepped up to the plate, creating do-it-yourself devices that provide results similar to plastic surgery.

The Daily Beast reports on this new category of beauty gadgets, claiming to reshape the face into the current beauty ideal:

  • The face slimmer. This lip-like mouthpiece is inserted into the   mouth. Users are instructed to repeat vowel sounds three minutes a day to fight wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Double-fold eyelids. A popular gadget that looks like glasses manipulates the eyelid to train lids to appear to have depth in an attempt to provide the double eyelid appearance that is usually achieved with plastic surgery.
  • Anti-aging Mask. This total face mask, which is useful for bank robbery, is designed to eventually give frequent users the small, slim face, which is a beauty goal in Japan.
  • Nose changers. To lift the nose, there is a buzzing gadget, which is inserted into the nostrils that claims to lift the nose with its vibrations. To slim the nose, there are clips and clamps that are to be inserted into your nostrils to push up the nasal bones.
  • Scalp stretcher. This clip, which you hook on daily, stretches your face up from behind the ears, to eliminate wrinkles on the cheeks and around the eyes.

Plastic surgeons in Seoul and in the United States are in total agreement about so-called face shaping gadgets: If you're lucky, you'll just wind up wasting money. If you're not lucky, you will suffer pain, bruises, scars and infections. Buyer beware.