Will a dimpleplasty improve your smile?

Will a dimpleplasty improve your smile?
Dimpleplasty gains in popularity

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway may be known for their Oscar-nominated performances in a variety of films, but they are also easily recognizable by one facial feature that denotes femininity: their dimples.

Commonly associated with cartoon characters and cute children, dimples can add character to any person's appearance. One plastic surgeon from Phoenix, Arizona, explained to Fox News 10 that men and women are coming in troves to undergo one cosmetic procedure that creates faux dimples for patients. People have unique reasons when opting for this operation, but surgeons cannot deny that more individuals are demanding dimples.

Decoding the dimpleplasty
Salon reported that the procedure simply creates artificial dimples by creating a small tear in the facial muscle. This incision allows the skin to cave inward, forming a delicate dimple. The Phoenix-based surgeon emphasized to Fox News 10 that the procedure usually only lasts around 30 minutes, and causes little pain or scarring.

Another surgeon, based in Beverly Hills, explained to NBC News that his practice had seen a measurable increase in the number of patients seeking this surgery in the past several years.

"I've probably done a couple of hundred dimples in the last two years," he said to the source. "People will fly in from all over the world for it. There's a certain segment of the population that's always been fascinated with dimples."

Understanding the motivation
While surgeons cannot speculate on the overall popularity of the procedure, they can understand why some patients feel the need to change their smiles. NBC News followed one set of sisters who got the operation to better resemble their mother. One sister, Anna Garcia, explained that she had been fascinated with her mother's dimples since she was a child, and she always dreamed of having a set of her own.

According to Fox News 10, another popular reason that patients opt for this procedure is to help improve the structure of their faces following extreme weight loss. The surgeon explained that dimples can help transform a round face into a more angular one, which can give a slimmer appearance. 

Stephen Franzoi, a professor of psychology at Marquette University in Milwaukee, explained to NBC News that more people may be seeking this surgery because it will make them look younger. Dimples are commonly associated with youthfulness and attractiveness, both of which may improve a patient's self-confidence.