Does the Couple that Gets Plastic Surgery Together Stay Together? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Does the Couple that Gets Plastic Surgery Together Stay Together? The Answer Might Surprise You!
Does the Couple that Gets Plastic Surgery Together Stay Together? The Answer Might Surprise You!

The longer I am married, (it will be 18 years this December,) the more I’ve come to realize that marriage is not a sprint but really a long and protracted marathon - and the only way to keep yourself going is to keep your pace slow and steady and rely on your running buddy whenever you start to feel a bit faint. It also requires that you find ways to continually support and prop one another up - lest one of you lose your way and fall out the proverbial race.

So how do you help one another to stay on the marriage track, especially after the bloom is off the rose so-to-speak? Well, you invest in your union and each other. You do everything in your power to stay on the same page all the while maintaining your own individual space and you do as many things as you can, together! I have always felt that couples who don’t make time for one another and don't engage in activities and pursuits as a couple are doomed to begin to lose that in sync groove any relationship needs in order for those in it to WANT to stay in it.

For some married couples it’s their love of acquiring expensive things that bonds them. For others, it might be their obsession with exercise - and for a handful, perhaps it’s even plastic surgery! The truth of the matter is that plastic surgery is on the rise - and even more impressive is that men (i.e. husbands) are having more work done as well. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2014 men had more than 1 million cosmetic procedures, 10% of the total, and the number of cosmetic procedures for men increased over 273% from 1997. Another new trend involves couples having more surgery together or one spouse right after the other. It kind-of makes sense that if you are a couple who is dedicated to staying in shape and maintaining an attractive aesthetic, that if one of you decides to get a procedure then the other might opt to as well. And while I immediately thought this implied that “couples that have surgery stay together” according to Dr. Ralph Bashioum, a Minnesota-based plastic surgeon, that may not always apply. Dr. Bashioum shared the types of cosmetic surgeries couples choose to have together as well as some other interesting facts for couples to consider before jointly going under the knife!

Are you seeing an increase in couples getting procedures together?

I am seeing more and more couples choosing to undergo plastic surgery together. Fat grafting for facial rejuvenation and facial contouring have dramatically increased among couples in my practice.

What are the most popular surgeries that couples get together?

The most common procedures are face lifts and facial rejuvenation surgery. Men frequently choose waist liposuction, while their wives will often opt for a mommy makeover.

When is the best and most popular timing for a couple getting procedures together?

The most common surgeries for facial rejuvenation are usually chosen pre-retirement, whereas body sculpting procedures are usually done after child bearing for moms and dads.

Due to recovery and minor disabilities after surgery would it be better for couples to have surgery performed at different times to help each other recover?

Absolutely, it’s best when the spouses take turns having surgery, since one can take care of the other. They need to decide who goes first. Otherwise, in-patient care and home nursing are excellent choices worth considering if couples choose to have surgery on the same day. The time between surgeries should be a minimum of three to six weeks at the end of the initial healing period. Most couples choose this timing. It is then possible for the first spouse to safely take care of the second. An advantage to waiting six months is that the second partner can see if the surgeon’s results are acceptable in their eyes.

How often does the positive outcome of one spouse lead to a partner getting surgery?

Clearly when surgeries are done on the same day, one spouse cannot determine the quality of result of the other until after the normal healing period. Partners who choose to undergo surgery in succession might have second thoughts about the other having surgery, most definitely.

Have you ever experienced one person being pressured into surgery by the other?

One partner will have the idea to have surgery and share it with the other. In the case of rejuvenation surgery, the wife often suggests that her husband consider the same. Excessive external pressure is never a good reason to have surgery.

If couples do opt to have surgery together, isn’t one partner always going to be a better candidate or achieve a better outcome and can this cause a problem in the relationship?

Yes this is possible; however the results are all subjective. Realistic expectations are the most important factor in moving ahead with surgery.

I recently had an interesting case pertaining to couples’ surgery. When a husband/wife presented for surgery, the husband chose body sculpting and the wife chose breast enlargement. Two years later their relationship ended in divorce. Once the woman had recovered from the stress of separation she chose to have her implants removed thus reversing her surgery. Interesting how relationships can affect our choices.

Dr. Bashioum brings up some interesting insight into this new trend which unfortunately doesn’t always end well if one partner is pressuring the other to undergo surgery too. Ultimately deciding to get surgery as a couple requires careful planning and consideration by the couple so that both parties are having their surgery for the right reasons, have realistic expectations going in and are therefore more likely to be satisfied with the outcome.

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