Cosmetic trends for the new year

Cosmetic trends for the new year
Cosmetic trends for the new year

Bye-bye, tummy tuck, and hello, brachioplasty: As the new year rolls around, individuals interested in cosmetic surgery are shying away from more traditional trends in lieu of less-than-conventional body shaping surgeries. While procedures including liposuction and rhinoplasties will remain popular in the upcoming year, several innovative methods have emerged that experts believe may see an increase in patients. From crafting more realistically shaped breast implants to removing fat underneath the eye without surgery, here are some cosmetic trends that 2014 has in store:

Huffington Post predicts that upper arm lifts, or brachioplasty, will emerge as one of the most common procedures of 2014. Skin that accumulates in the upper-arm region, or what people affectionately refer to as "bingo wings," can dampen a woman's self-confidence. This excess of fat can prevent women from wearing sleeveless or short-sleeved clothing items for fear of exposing flabby skin. Upper arm lifts remove the built-up skin and make the area appear firmer and more toned. These procedures are especially helpful for women who have recently lost a lot of weight.

Teardrop breasts
Beast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, with more than 330,000 surgeries performed in 2012, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Courier-Journal states that teardrop implants, or shapes that appear to better resemble a natural breast, will become more frequently requested than "Barbie-breasts," or overly-round ones. While doctors have the ability to craft more realistically shaped breasts, they produce the best results when slightly altering size as opposed to constructing new tissue. 

Chin implants
After rumors surfaced in late 2013 that Marilyn Monroe went under the knife to receive a chin implant, the number of chin surgeries rose, according to Female First. Since 2010, the number of people enquiring about chin implants has doubled, with 60 percent of those individuals wishing to alter the structure of their face. The procedure works by altering bone structure to produce a more protruding chin line. It has the potential to produce instant and recognizable results for people with weak or receding chins.

Sculpting and refining
Instead of undergoing an extensive and lengthy procedure to remove excess pockets of fat and skin folds, non-surgical and minimally invasive sculpting methods have emerged to assist in reducing the amount of unwanted pudge. Through the use of freezing processes, light liposuction and laser therapy to give a more toned and healthy body shape, surgeons have found ways to enhance body image by refining different areas.