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  • Plastic surgery addiction: How common is it?

    News headlines that highlight extreme surgically enhanced physical transformations and certain celebrities can make plastic surgery addiction seem like a common phenomenon. However, it may not be as frequent as the media portrays. While there are some people who find the results of aesthetic procedures addicting, others only undergo one or two procedures to improve their appearance. 

  • Teachers get plastic surgery as part of back-to​-school prep

    While some teachers work on their tans during the summer months, others change their appearance in a different way. Plastic surgery among educators in the months between school years is becoming more common, according to CBS New York. With extended time off from work, the season provides ample time for patients to recover from their procedures. 

  • Brides-to-be request cosmetic surgery

    Considerations for some brides-to-be extend well beyond wardrobe and seating arrangements. Over the past several years, both men and women prepping for their wedding days have started to explore the realm of cosmetic surgery and other rejuvenation procedures in order to look their best for the occasion. 

  • Celebrity cosmetic surgery trends of 2014 revealed

    People frequently seek to copy their favorite celebrities when it comes to style, whether they're selecting similar hair styles or taking cues from fashion choices. According to, these stars are also influential in the plastic surgery realm, as many patients seeking cosmetic procedures frequently mention certain celebrities they would like to resemble. 

  • US performed more plastic surgeries in 2013 than any other country

    The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently released its statistics for 2013, highlighting which countries saw the most cosmetic procedures in the last year. According to the results, there were more than 23 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed across the world in 2013.  

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