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  • Does the Couple that Gets Plastic Surgery Together Stay Together? The Answer Might Surprise You!

    The longer I am married, (it will be 18 years this December,) the more I’ve come to realize that marriage is not a sprint but really a long and protracted marathon - and the only way to keep yourself going is to keep your pace slow and steady and rely on your running buddy whenever you start to feel a bit faint. It also requires that you find ways to continually support and prop one another up - lest one of you lose your way and fall out the proverbial race.  

  • Move Over School Supplies -Teens Are Going Back To School This Year With New Breasts And Lips

    As the mom of a 14 year-old daughter, the scariest request that I’ve gotten from my teenager up until now (being that it is the costliest to my bottom line) is, “Can I go to the mall?” Yet as more celebrity teens like Kylie Jenner have been transformed from the girl next door to va-va-voom vixen –seemingly overnight via cosmetic surgery- I consider myself lucky because my teen hasn’t asked me for breast implants yet!  

  • Using Music in the Operating Room

    You may have a favorite playlist to listen to as you work or hit the gym. Perhaps you have driving music, or that which you prefer for date night. 

    Studies have revealed that listening to music in the womb can have an impact on an infant’s development. It’s even been said that listening to music while studying or while recovering from a trauma or surgery can have a positive impact. 

  • What Plastic Surgeons Really Think About Body Modification

    I was recently sitting at my local bank branch waiting to chat with a financial manager, when I noticed a young man dressed in a suit and tie nervously tapping on his ear. I noticed he was armed with his leather briefcase and holding copies of his resume, (which he kept scanning), so I assumed he was waiting for a job interview. As I looked a bit more closely at him, I noticed his earlobe and was immediately struck by its gaping hole. 

  • Ice Is Nice: Anti-Aging Cooling Treatments

    If you think back to your childhood, you probably saw mom or grandma soothing tired eyes and such with ice cubes. You also may have been told to try a cold shower to improve your blood circulation or cool down after a stressful day. Ice cubes and cold showers have been known to have anti-aging and beauty effects, so I delved into the science behind it. 

    Ice Ice Baby 

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