Spa treatments to try at home

Spa treatments to try at home
Spa treatments to try at home

Between vying for a coveted appointment, exorbitant spa prices, and simply finding the time in your busy schedule, a day of pampering can be more stressful than whatever stress you’re trying to soothe at the spa. So let’s turn to the DIY-scene for some luxurious treatments that won’t cost you a fortune that you can treat yourself to at home.

“It’s just not the same,” you might say. And you’re probably right, but let’s look at the nitty gritty of what makes the spa experience so nice. Low lighting and scented candles? You probably have those in your house right now. Scented candles and oils like sandalwood, orange and lavender can help reduce stress and anxiousness too. Heated towels and robes? (You have a dryer? Or at least a radiator, right?) A warm towel or robe can help relax the body while boosting blood circulation to help flush out toxins. Next stop… the kitchen.

DIY skincare
Do you love the way a spa salt-scrub invigorates your skin and your energy levels? Kick-start your day the DIY way by making your own salt scrub combining half a cup of sea salt with 2 tbsps olive oil and 2 tbsps white vinegar in a small bowl. Rub the mixture in small circular motions over damp skin to help exfoliate and increase circulation. Then rinse off, moisturize and face the day.

There are even some DIY hacks that claim to double on the cosmeceutical end of things. For example, mixing a handful of freshly brewed coffee grounds in with your body cream is rumored to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and even if it fails to do that, you’ll at least get a good exfoliation.

According to a recent article in the UK’s Daily Express newspaper, you can even DIY your wrinkles away by emulating the massage style used to boost the blood flow to your skin by harnessing the antioxidant power of grapes. Start with a freshly cleansed face that’s been covered for at least a minute with a warm, damp washcloth to open the pores. Take the grape half and slide the flat side between your brows and out towards your temples, along you forehead, then down your nose and cheeks, until your skin is covered with grapey-goodness.

Add a few drops of facial oil to your hands and give yourself a face massage using the pads of your fingertips. Remember to sweep alternate hands up your neck, and use firm circular movements around your chin. The newspaper suggests mashing up an avocado and spreading it over your skin for 10 minutes for a smooth and hydrated complexion.

While a tennis ball is no replacement for your masseuse, in a pinch it can work equally well to reduce the tension in a stubborn muscle. Simply stuff the ball into a long sock or pair of tights, throw it over your shoulder and lean against a wall. Wiggle around against the ball until it’s hitting the annoying knot, then hold still while pressing against the ball. In collaboration with a few deep breaths, this should help the muscle to relax.

If a long leisurely bath before bed is more in order, try adding a couple of cups of whole milk to the water. The lactic acid in milk is a great skin-smoother and the warm water will relax and soothe the soul.

Everyone loves a good DIY, and while these hacks may not measure up to the pampering you’ll get at your favorite spa, the benefits are in your kitchen for the taking. Do you have a favorite at-home DIY treatment? Share it with us!

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