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  • Over 35? Beauty takes brains

    There’s a song from the musical, “Chorus Line,” that says it all. “Dance 10, looks 3, and I’m still on unemployment……” In other words, looks count! There is very little choice but to keep striving to remain beautiful no matter how expensive, labor intensive or how superficial you deem this pursuit. Youth takes care of the young, so let’s forget the young for now. Our problem is: How do you remain beautiful when you’re over 35? My premise is that it takes brains. 

    What is Smart Beauty and can you use a GPS to get there? 

  • Quick and easy tricks to live a healthy lifestyle

    What makes a healthy lifestyle? It's a question that has many answers, and sometimes, it's easier to think of things we do that have a negative impact on our lifestyle. Perhaps you are a smoker who can't kick the habit, or maybe you feel guilty about the gym membership that's gathering dust and costing you a fortune. It can be hard to address some of these changes, but we have a few quick and easy tricks that will give your lifestyle a makeover. 

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