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  • The Fountain of Youth is filled with smoothies

    So many people want to jump on the blended band wagon, but they think it's a ton of work. As a self-proclaimed loafer, I guarantee there's little to no work involved (hello, I'm the same person that's too lazy to go back in the shower and shave the leg I forgot about). 

  • Men vs. women: Celebrity plastic surgery attitudes

    By Constantino G. Mendieta MD FACS 

    Celebrities influence how people not only think about plastic surgery, but what they would like to have done or whom they would like to look like. 

    There is a dramatic difference between the way men and women see and think of themselves when it comes to plastic surgery – even more so, when it comes to looking like someone else. 

  • Is plastic surgery part of everyday life now?

    Plastic surgery has come a long way in recent years. The procedures have been perfected and are not as expensive as they once were, and extensive advertising and media exposure makes the idea seem more mainstream.  

    Which begs the question, is plastic surgery part of everyday life now? 

    Fifty years ago, if a woman didn’t like the way her face looked, she may invest in expensive creams or heavier makeup. If she thought her breasts were too small, she might shop for a padded bra. These days, many women are going right for plastic surgery. 

  • Combat cellulite with a healthy diet

    Cellulite is a problem that plagues the vast majority of women and quite a few men. Surveys reveal that nearly 90% of women and 10% of men have cellulite, prompting many of them to visit the plastic surgeon’s office. 

  • First lady may consider plastic surgery in the future

    First lady Michelle Obama graces the latest cover of People magazine, but the "Mom in Chief" didn't just talk about her education, veterans or nutrition initiatives. In fact, much of the interview discussed the first lady's post-White House plans - one of which may be plastic surgery.  

    According to The Associated Press, when asked whether she would be interested in going under the knife or receiving Botox, Obama did not completely rule out plastic surgery.  

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