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  • Be smart about beauty: Get back to the basics

    I sum up “Smart Beauty” in four short phrases because beauty is elemental. It’s basic. It’s less about putting on, and more about exposing the raw materials, artfully.  

    Self Care
    My first beauty basic - do what I can do on my own.  

  • Top 3 cosmetic problems caused by exercise

    By: Ron Robinson 

    We all look to exercise as a way of bettering ourselves by keeping our bodies in shape, relieving stress and warding off ailments such as diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. Overall, exercise is also great for your skin (the body’s largest organ), as it helps with blood circulation to nourish skin cells and keep them vital and tone muscle  

  • Plastic surgery etiquette: Can I compliment?

    As more people turn to cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearances, many others are left wondering: Can I say something? 

    Much like asking a woman whether she's pregnant, asking a person if they've had plastic surgery is not generally socially acceptable. However, there are ways that people can acknowledge and compliment procedures without coming out and directly asking about them. 

    Some of the nation's top surgeons have weighed in and offered advice concerning conversations about cosmetic procedures.  

  • Spa treatments to try at home

    Between vying for a coveted appointment, exorbitant spa prices, and simply finding the time in your busy schedule, a day of pampering can be more stressful than whatever stress you’re trying to soothe at the spa. So let’s turn to the DIY-scene for some luxurious treatments that won’t cost you a fortune that you can treat yourself to at home.  

  • Five anti-aging tools no one should live without

    OK, fine, I could live without them and I certainly don't want you thinking that if some kind of apocalypse happened or I was sent to do Peace Corps work that I would just throw my hands in the air and say, "You don't have the right outlets to charge my Clarisonic, I'm out. Where's the tallest bridge? Crap, I was sent on this mission to build a bridge? Well, as soon as I build it, I'm jumping off of it." What, I'm a philanthropic person, who doesn't like dull slack skin! 

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