12 Common Beauty Myths Debunked - Yay or Nay?

12 Common Beauty Myths Debunked - Yay or Nay?
12 Common Beauty Myths Debunked - Yay or Nay?

Do I really need to drink ALL that water? Do I need to spend a freakin’ fortune to look dewy Will eating Greek Yogurt make my husband look like John Stamos? These are the types of burning questions that keep me up at night. Some of these myths have been around forever and others pop up now and again with a different answer. Like knowing whether it's OK to eat eggs or not, I feel like the jury comes in with a different verdict on that one daily.

So, I've decided to share what I've learned over the years and what I've researched in order to prove or debunk these old wives’ tales. You know, so we can all get our mandatory 8 hours of beauty sleep or is it 4 hours these days?

1. There are topical products that work like fillers or Botox.
How many products make the claim to be Botox in a bottle, and we're all, "Hell yeah -- oh and it's expensive, well then it must be good." Well, save your dough for the reading glasses you will inevitably need to read the labels on said bottles.

The Verdict: Nay
Topical products can't get deep enough into your skin to change wrinkles and loss of volume. You could take a bath in Botox, but without injecting it, you would just be a really weird person soaking in botulism.

2. Your eye cream should be different than your moisturizer.
I'm a sucker for this one and frankly, I don't believe what I'm told, but I'll pass it on… you're welcome.

The Verdict: Nay (with conditions)
Technically, there's nothing so different in your eye cream and no reason you can't use your regular cream on your eyes. The area under your eye can be more sensitive and may react to your face cream.

However (this part makes me happy),there are some eye creams that are more specific for example, they have ingredients like caffeine to target puffiness. If you're trying to target an issue, a tailored cream isn't a bad choice.

3. You can get wrinkles from not drinking enough water.
Seriously, could I have one minute where I don't have to think about how much I'm drinking? It seems like I need like 63 gallons to insure I make it to tomorrow.

The Verdict: Nay
Put down the glass! Water is amazing for you, but your dry skin may not just be coming from your lack of drinking H20, it's a lack of moisture. You need to moisturize and use products with hyaluronic acid, which will help attract and lock in moisture.

4. You CAN get rid of under eye puffiness.

The Verdict: Yay
YAY! Though it may not be the way you think … cucumbers and teabags don't work - unless they're cold. It's the cold part that does the trick, it reduces blood vessels and reduces swelling. You could use a cold cheese stick and swear by it if you wanted to. Products with caffeine help too (hint: keep them in the fridge)

5. If you get some sleep those dark circles will go away.
Unlike puffiness, dark circles are genetic. They're the veins that are visible through the thin skin under the eye.

The Verdict: Nay
Neither sleep nor products will really help much, unless they stimulate collagen. Certain fillers made of hyaluronic acid or your own fat (fat transfer) can do this…a Retinol treatment may help as well.

6. Chocolate and greasy foods cause acne.
Well, if you’re rubbing french fries on your face it's probably not helping your skin, but ingesting these food doesn't make you more prone to pimples.

The Verdict: Nay and Yum
Your skin does need nutrients though, which means you shouldn't let junk be the only item on your menu. Add some lettuce to that chocolate.

7. Crossing your legs causes varicose or spider veins.
The last thing I need is more spider veins. I already look like someone tattooed directions to their apartment on my calves.

The Verdict: Nay
Thank goodness, I don't need my gams to double as someone's GPS. The truth is, standing (and worse, standing in heels) can cause varicose or spider veins because the veins have to work harder to pump blood all the way down and up the legs. Also, blood can pool more easily, which is why I never give up my seat on a subway, I don't care how old or pregnant you are.

8. Blackheads come from dirt that builds up in the pores.
Most people believe this is the logical explanation for those annoying spots.

The Verdict: Nay
Please, I'm pretty sure if you're reading this article, you're someone who keeps their face clean. Blackheads are formed when a pore is clogged, often due to dead skin cells, then the body produces oil which gets trapped in the pore. These cells need to be sloughed off or scrubbed or dissolved by products with salicylic acid or a retinol.

9. You can shrink your pores.
I spend a lot of money trying to do so.

The Verdict: Nay
Ugh! Well, I'll put the dough towards shoes. You cannot shrink them permanently, but you can make them appear smaller with a good skincare regimen and a talented aesthetician.

10. Rubbing your eyes creates wrinkles.
You may be tempted to rub your eyes after reading this as if you've just woken up from a delusional slumber or someone has shown you the error of your ways, but don't.

The Verdict: Yay
The tugging and repetitive movement of facial muscles can break down the collagen and create wrinkles over time.

11. Everyone should get 8 hours of sleep.
This has been a recommendation we've all heard about a gazillion times and we've probably repeated it, but that doesn't make it true.

The Verdict: Nay
Though you do need to rest and rejuvenate, everyone's schedule is different. Some people can function on 6 hours and others, like me, need about 23, which I never seem to get. Trust your body on this one.

12. If I eat Greek yogurt my husband will look like John Stamos.

The Verdict: Yay
This is totally true, if you are married to John Stamos.

I think we just shed some light on some serious misnomers…feel free to share this with anyone who likes to be in the know.

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