Is it True — You Will Soon Get Botox Without an Injection?

Is it True — You Will Soon Get Botox Without an Injection?
Is it True — You Will Soon Get Botox Without an Injection?

For years, there’s been talk about a Botox gel/cream. Many companies have tried to market these for in-office and at-home use, but none have managed to do the job well. The reason being, molecules that make up the toxin are far too big to be absorbed by the skin — until that’s eradicated, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t fall for claims that you can rub away your wrinkles. That said, Revance Therapeutics, a California-based company is claiming that it has managed to do just that.

This gel form of botulinum toxin A called RT001 is in the process of getting FDA approval and so far the results have been impressive — 89% of patients claimed it smoothed their crow’s feet after a single treatment. The results lasted 3-4 months, which is similar to the injectable version. Revance has paired its main ingredient RT001 with a peptide (TransMTS) which helps deliver the toxin to the appropriate areas and gives the molecules a “piggy back” to penetrate the skin.

So far, the testing has been done on more superficial wrinkles like crow’s feet. Whether this RT001 can penetrate deep enough to combat more pronounced wrinkles, like those on the forehead and between the eyes, is yet to be seen. However, there is talk that a combination of injections and gel may be what we’re looking at in the future with botulinum toxin procedures.

Be aware, this is not a gel you’re going to keep in your makeup drawer. This, like the injections will need to be administered by a trained professional: product improperly administered will not get you the results you’re looking for. With something that is so “easy” to apply you’ll want a well-trained and experienced physician who knows the facial anatomy because even a centimeter could make an impact during application.

The product could be on the market in the US in the near future (it’s already entering phase 3 of FDA testing), which would be pretty incredible, considering botulinum toxin is currently the most common noninvasive procedure. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, (ASAPS) annual statistics, in 2014 there were 3,588,218 botulinum toxin procedures. In the last five years these procedures have gone up 84%. One can only imagine how that number will rise when an even less invasive version is introduced. I’m making my appointment now.

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