Lip Injections Defined and Augmented My Lips

Lip Injections Defined and Augmented My Lips

When Cassondra went to a board-certified plastic surgeon for her routine Botox injections, she decided to get lip injections too.

“I had full lips before the procedure but wanted to enhance what I already had. I had talked to a few friends who’ve had lip injections and even though I was a little nervous, I loved their results, so I’d looked into it,” explained Cassondra.

Lip injections are not permanent and depending on the filler injected into the lips, the results could last from 6-12 months.

“The first time I did it, I did a little too much and people noticed. I only got them done twice and my plastic surgeon told me I didn’t need to do it anymore. I had no issues the first time I got lip injections except for a little bit of swelling. My doctor gave me an ice pad to reduce the swelling,” she explained.

Cassondra was very pleased with the outcome. “The next day I had plump lips. I was so happy throughout the day I kept putting on lip gloss!” she exclaimed.

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