Joanne: Fillers after My Facelift

Joanne: Fillers after My Facelift

Joanne, a mother of three, had a facelift many years ago, and continues to utilize fillers as a way of keeping her skin looking fuller and tighter. To her, it is an essential part of her post-facelift regimen. She also believes that they are helpful for those not yet ready for a surgical facelift, but who instead need help restoring sunken-looking skin.

Unlike Botox or other injectables, she continues, with fillers there are no worries about not being able to move all facial muscles. For Joanne, the ease of the procedure is also appealing, as she was able to go back to work immediately, and saw the full effect within just a few days.

The fillers made Joanne feel refreshed, filling in those areas which needed it, and she liked the “quick fix” it offered her. While most fillers need to be refreshed after 3 to 6 months, for Joanne, her results have lasted longer.

Joanne will likely have more done as maintenance, as she is thoroughly satisfied with the appearance fillers offer, and would recommend them to anyone.

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