Are there holistic options for plastic surgery?

Are there holistic options for plastic surgery?
Are there holistic options for plastic surgery?

When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, people are always searching for the best anti-aging remedies. For many, the answer is clear: Botox injections, which are FDA-approved and safe when administered by a board-certified plastic surgeon. But what if you could eliminate the imperfections of your skin through an entirely different needle?

A recent report from The Boston Globe revealed that many people are starting to turn to more holistic approaches for treating fine lines and wrinkles, such as cosmetic acupuncture.

A whole new remedy
While already popular among A-list Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Madonna, the use of cosmetic acupuncture is reportedly growing, according to the news source, replacing Botox injections and face lifts as a way to tighten the skin and take years off one's face. But the non-invasive treatment might be more than just a quick-fix of the skin - it can, in many instances, provide patients with a full-body experience. 

"It's an internal and external process, and it works to relax your whole system," one acupuncture specialist told the news outlet. "It's a way to really take care of yourself. Self-care is something we don't really do that much of."

Acupuncture specialists claim that the therapy, which uses more than 90 needles placed at various points on a patient's face, can not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade age spots, but also lessen acne and puffiness and improve symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Holistic alternative, unproven results
Although interest in the holistic therapy has been rising throughout the country over the past several years, according to a report from The New York Times, its benefits and results have yet to be proven. 

"It's obvious that people carry around a lot of muscle tension in their face, which gives them frowns and wrinkles," one dermatologist told the news source. "They are producing relaxation in the muscles. ... It's unlikely that you will get significant collagen production from that."

Whether or not acupuncture treatment can actually improve deep wrinkles or simply relieve the natural tension we carry in our facial muscles, it's clear that many people are interested in more holistic alternatives to plastic surgery procedures. According to Shape magazine, a growing number of plastic surgeons around the country have been taking on the "holistic" title and experimenting with new approaches to conventional procedures.

"Holistic surgeons strive to improve every patient's quality of health and well-being, because there are other things that impact the results of the procedure besides the surgery itself," one plastic surgeon told the publication.