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  • Ever Wondered How Long Your Cheeks Will Remain Plump With Voluma? Here’s The Answer.

    Juvederm™ Voluma™ is a hyaluronic acid filler designed to temporarily restore volume to the mid-face and fill out wrinkles around the nose and cheeks. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Arthur Swift, explains how long the results last after injecting Voluma into facial areas that have lost volume. 

    “The interesting thing about this product is that we’ve seen results lasting approximately 2 years. With an organized maintenance program, all you’ll need to do is re-inject only a small amount every 18 to 24 months to maintain your look,” explained Dr. Swift. 

  • I Got Botox to Stop Excessive Sweating

    Kristen consulted with her board-certified plastic surgeon and decided to have Botox injected into her armpits to reduce excessive sweating.  

    “It’s a problem I have had for years, so when I heard that Botox can reduce or stop my sweating problem, I had it done,” noted Kristen. 

  • Fatten Up - Will Fat Transfer Replace Fillers?

    Your face: the one place that you don’t want to lose fat is ironically the one that does. I’d play Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic, but one of my kids erased her songs from my playlist. More irony, I suppose. Most people assume that when the fat is lost, it’s time for filler and they aren’t wrong, but what they don’t think about is using the natural filler they make at home, fat. I know, I made it sound like moonshine, but the procedure is actually highly technical and with a skilled plastic surgeon can be highly effective. 

  • Lip Injections Defined and Augmented My Lips

    When Cassondra went to a board-certified plastic surgeon for her routine Botox injections, she decided to get lip injections too.  

    “I had full lips before the procedure but wanted to enhance what I already had. I had talked to a few friends who’ve had lip injections and even though I was a little nervous, I loved their results, so I’d looked into it,” explained Cassondra. 

    Lip injections are not permanent and depending on the filler injected into the lips, the results could last from 6-12 months.  

  • Juvéderm Voluma Curves Out Its Niche As A “Lifter” in Facial Contouring

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Arthur Swift explains the difference between Juvéderm Voluma, one of the new fillers on the market, and the original Juvederm.  

    “Juvéderm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid. It is ideal for cheek recontouring because of its ability to create the ‘OG’ curve, a nice and smooth curve on the cheek,” explains Dr. Swift. 

    Juvéderm Voluma differs from the original Juverderm and other hyaluronic acids because it is developed with a short chain of hyaluronic acids.  

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