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  • Can Botox quell severe headaches?

    The next time you have a headache, you might be better off reaching for Botox instead of Advil. A new pilot study out of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is currently testing the effectiveness of using Botox as a treatment for cluster headaches, which the researchers dubbed "suicide headaches." 

    Known for their intensity, cluster headaches are chronic and can often lead to dangerous side effects, such as seizures and suicidal thoughts. 

  • Are there holistic options for plastic surgery?

    When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, people are always searching for the best anti-aging remedies. For many, the answer is clear: Botox injections, which are FDA-approved and safe when administered by a board-certified plastic surgeon. But what if you could eliminate the imperfections of your skin through an entirely different needle? 

  • Study shows Botox can relieve bladder symptoms

    Many studies have already been conducted on the potential benefits of Botox, ranging from treatment for depression to a remedy for migraines. Now, a recent study out of the UK suggests that the injectable typically used to limit the appearance of frown lines might have another medical gain. 

  • Cheek-plumping injectable filler gets FDA nod

    "Round, plump cheeks look young. Saggy, sunken ones look old," according to a New York Times article on facial rejuvenation. The latest trend is for plastic surgeons to increase facial volume. In the past the trend was to see a line and fill it. While this can make you look better, it may not necessarily make you look younger. 

  • What are injectables?

    What are injectables? 

    It’s a term I hear floating around, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was referring to. All I knew was that it meant some type of cosmetic procedure, and I could assume that it required inserting something into the skin, probably with a needle. Beyond that, I was clueless. So I hopped on the Smart Beauty Guide website and started poking around. Here is what I discovered. 

    What are injectables? 

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