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  • Can Botox help treat chronic conditions?

    Injectables are effective for fighting against the signs of aging, including smoothing out lines and wrinkles that may form over time. But while most patients are aware that this form of treatment can help improve appearance, they remain unaware of the additional benefits Botox may provide. 

  • Megan’s Decision to Get Botox

    When Megan turned 40, she noticed a wrinkle at the top of her forehead and as it became more noticeable it made her feel old. She spoke to her friends, and researched plastic surgeons online and found a local plastic surgeon with a wonderful reputation. After her consultation, she had multiple Botox injections and she was so happy with the outcome she has come back for additional treatments.  

  • Joanne: Fillers after My Facelift

    Joanne, a mother of three, had a facelift many years ago, and continues to utilize fillers as a way of keeping her skin looking fuller and tighter. To her, it is an essential part of her post-facelift regimen. She also believes that they are helpful for those not yet ready for a surgical facelift, but who instead need help restoring sunken-looking skin. 

  • 3 Types of Botox: Which is best for you?

    With each passing year, those stubborn lines trotting across my forehead and the infamous “elevens” between my eyes are getting more and more distinct. I started looking into some minimally invasive procedures to soften those lines and discovered that Botox is not a procedure, but rather, a brand name. 

    Just like Ziploc and Kleenex, the term Botox is used to define a procedure that actually has several different competing products on the market. 

  • How much is too much Botox in Hollywood?

    Since the Federal Drug Administration approved its use in 2003, Botox has lay claim to the title of leading cosmetic surgery procedure in the US. The non-invasive injectable treatment carries low risk of complications and is relatively painless, making it a popular facial enhancement for millions of women and men over the last decade. Recent studies have also founded that the injectable can help alleviate symptoms of overactive bladders, severe migraines and depression - boosting Botox's potential in the medical field. 

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